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How to make a plush bath mat using old clothes, t-shirts or fabric scraps

Here's how to make a super easy rug that measures 40 x 50cm and is made using T-shirt yarn or a fabric, such as a jersey knit, that coils up easily when stretched.




I found this design on Instructables and it really is quick and easy to make this bath mat for your bathroom.




T-shirt yarn or stretchable fabric

Heavy-weight cotton for base

Sewing machine and supplies


Optional: rubber backing












Cut your t-shirt yarn or fabric into 3cm-wide strips. Take the long pieces of material and stretch them out so that they coil and then cut them into strips of about 10cm long.

Here is a great time saver! Line up a couple thin strips of tape (sticky side up) and place the fabric coils across them. Take the taped row and sew it down the centre on to the base. Once you sew it down simply remove the tape.

If you don't want the bath mat to be as plush you can cut the strips shorter.



Cut out a piece of fabric that measures 30 x 40cm after you fold and hem in the sides. A heavy-weight fabric is best and you can also use spray adhesive to attach a rubber non-stick backing if you want to.



Line up the strips on the base and start sewing them right down the centre - sewing each row about 2cm away from the previous row.