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Easy Bathroom Shelf

Use plywood and galvanised pipe and fittings to make this easy bathroom storage shelf.


So easy to make, this bathroom storage shelf and towel rail is made using plywood, galvanised pipe and fittings. You can stain the shelf in your choice of Woodoc Stain to match your bathroom decor, or use a pre-tinted Woodoc Interior Sealer to protect.

1. Assemble the shelf section using wood glue and 4 x 45mm screws. The top and bottom pieces butt against the back and are flush at the edges.

2. For the towel rail, join together the pipe, elbows and flanges and secure this onto the base of the shelf unit with 16mm screws.

GOOD TO KNOW: Make the shelf to the size of the fittings available. Visit to see the range of pipes and fittings available, or shop at a local supplier of galvanised pipe and fittings.


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