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How to Clean and Organise a Bathroom

If you are living in a rental home where the bathroom isn't exactly something you want visitors to see, then it is time to clean and organise the room for a better bathroom aesthetic.




All the projects below can be done on a very limited budget if you shop around for the best prices. Plus, many of the items used you may already have in the home, such as the hula hoop shelves!



Let's be honest, there are plenty of bathrooms out there, particularly in rental homes, that leaves much to be desired. Decorated in contractor's white bathroom fittings and with boring white tiles on the walls, added to that the fact that you're not sure how to make it look better or how to clean the grout, stained toilet, and mouldy shower curtain, and you have a bathroom that nobody wants to see, much less use.









If you can rid a bathroom of clutter and give it a thorough cleaning it will look far better and more welcoming to visitors.





This is not a situation that you want to live with, even if it is a rental home. We're not talking about spending a fortune on goodies to make the room look better rather, we look at items that you can purchase at any Crazy (Dollar) store or online at Both offer a wide selection of affordable items that can be used to corral clutter and give any bathroom a refreshed look.







You will find an assortment of wire and plastic baskets at and home discount decor stores. If you can't mount these on the walls, make a basic wooden stand that can be used in the bathroom for all your storage baskets.




Wired Up and Contained

Clutter is what makes most bathrooms look messy and dirty. Something as simple as wire or plastic baskets cost very little yet do so much for controlling clutter that usually lies around the room and on countertops. A couple of inexpensive wire or plastic baskets



You don't need to be a woodworker or expert DIY enthusiast to make something as basic as simple storage for under a sink or over a toilet and it will provide plenty of essential storage for bathroom essentials.





Make It and Take It

No one renting a home wants to have to buy expensive furniture for a bathroom if it is fitted, but if you make it fit and don't fix it to the walls then you can take it with you when you leave. For example, make a storage unit that fits under the sink or over the toilet, one that stands on its own and you can always take with you when you move. Not only that but making a basic storage unit will cost a fraction of what it would cost to buy a readymade unit. Laminated PAR pine is available in different lengths and widths, and you only need a jigsaw to cut everything to size for assembly.



Don't forget about reclaimed wood pallets and crates or make your own. Wooden crates can be stained or painted and stacked on top of each other to create an interesting display for bathroom essentials and accessories - and it won't cost very much to make at all.






If there isn't enough wall space to go up the wall, there is always the option to squeeze in storage around the toilet or sink.



If you are disorganised or messy by nature, consider closed off storage options rather than open baskets and shelves.





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