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Weekend Project: Wooden Toilet Roll Holder

Got some spare scraps of wood lying around? Here are some ideas for making a wooden toilet roll holder for your bathroom.


Add some warmth to a plain bathroom with warm wood accessories. There are so many easy and inexpensive ways to use scrap wood or offcuts or to use reclaimed wood to make your own toilet roll holder. Here are a few ideas to inspire you to get your tools out this weekend and make something.

If you want to use up wood offcuts or scraps, these are ideal for a variety of small woodworking projects. Since you can't buy wooden fittings for a bathroom, it is easy enough to make your own to fit in with your decor and add personality to a bland or boring bathroom.

Wood has a way of introducing warm tones to an all-white or monotone bathroom, and there's no denying that a set of wooden bathroom fittings will definitely add something new, plus, you only need a few small pieces of scrap wood and some accessories to make a toilet roll holder.

One popular trend that is making an appearance in bathrooms is to use galvanised pipe and fittings to make up a toilet roll holder using scrap wood. Once you have made a toilet roll holder using galvanised pipe, these can be left as is for an industrial look, or you can paint them using Rust-Oleum 2X or Universal Metallic spray paint. Using spray paint in metallic hues is also an easy way to introduce a touch of modern metallics to a bathroom by using rose gold or shiny metallics.

If you don't like the idea of using galvanised pipe to make your toilet roll holder, there are many other materials you can use. Why not re-purpose an old leather belt into holders for the toilet roll? You can also use pine or meranti dowel scraps to craft a very trendy toilet roll holder.





If you prefer a toilet roll holder that's a little more rustic, perhaps to complement a cottage or country style bathroom, there are so many different ways to use offcuts to make practical toilet rolls, and even incorporate a shelf or two for that extra bit of storage that every bathroom needs.

When making a toilet roll holder you only need a set of basic power tools to complete the job, and for almost any DIY job or project you want to tackle. First is a drill/driver that will undertake all your screw driving and drilling tasks. Next is a Jigsaw for cutting scraps and offcuts - or reclaimed wood - to size. And lastly, you will need a sander unless you want to sand everything by hand. With these three basic power tools, you can join, cut and sand all your DIY projects.

Think about extra storage you need in a bathroom and how you can incorporate this into your toilet roll holder. Since you are making one, you can quite easily make a custom one that also offers specific storage. If you enjoy reading whilst on the loo, and I'm sure many of you do, make a toilet roll holder that also has space to store your favourite magazines!

The size and shape of the toilet roll holder are entirely up to you, although you will probably be guided by the style or decor already in your bathroom.

For a shared bathroom that the kiddies use, why not design a toilet roll holder that incorporates a fun element. While not constructed of wood, this adorable sheep toilet roll holder has faux wood stickers that are affixed to the bathroom tiles.

Design a toilet roll holder that expresses your individual personality and that also adds charm or style to your bathroom. With just a few scraps of wood, you are only limited by your imagination. So go on and have some fun this weekend!



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