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Quick Project: Box Frame Bathroom Mirror

Make this simple box frame for a bathroom mirror for a small bathroom or guest loo.


This simple box frame has a plywood back and pine sides. You can paint or stain in your choice of colour to match your bathroom decor. The shelf at the bottom of the frame offers a practical ledge for small bathroom items that normally clutter up the sink area.

Mount the box frame bathroom mirror in a small bathroom or guest bathroom.

1. Place your mirror on the plywood for the back and outline the shape. Use a jigsaw to cut out this section.

GOOD TO KNOW: You can have all the pieces cut to size at your local Builders Warehouse.

2. Cut [2] sides and a top and bottom piece to fit around the mirror and plywood back. This mirror is 400mm wide x 700mm long. The sides are cut to 700mm length and the top and bottom to 368mm to fit between the sides.

3. Assemble using wood glue and a hammer and panel pins, or use a biscuit joiner and biscuits, or you would even use a pockethole jig.

GOOD TO KNOW: Sand any uneven edges before assembly.

4. Secure the frame to the back with steel brackets and 16mm screws. Also attach [2] hangers at the top of the back for mounting onto the wall.





5. Give the frame a final sanding with 240-grit sanding pads for a smooth finish.

6. Apply your choice of tinted wood sealer to protect the frame when mounted in a bathroom.

7. Secure the mirror onto the back of the box with a glue suitable for use with mirrors. Mirrorfix adhesive allows you to mount mirrors up to 6mm thickness. You will find a selection of glues for mounting mirrors at your local Builders store.


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