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buy pine trestles

Pine Trestles

If you're looking to make a trestle desk, these pine trestles are perfect and allow you to simply pop on a top.


Garden love seat

Love Seat

Pine garden love seat finished in a variety of wood tints. Available in various sizes for a garden, patio or deck.


outdoor sofa

Outdoor Sofa

Manufactured from Meranti, this outdoor sofa is available in 2-seater, 3-seater and 4-seater.


bedside shelf

Bedside Shelf / Lamp

Combination bedside shelf and light. Easily mounted onto wall fittings - even for a rental home.

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pedestal table

Pedestal Table

Available in three sizes (side or dining) in your choice of colour, with option for distressed finish.

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wood lanterns

Wood Lanterns

Perfect for decks and patios, weddings and celebrations. Available in three sizes.

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cooler table

IceBox Table

Our outdoor table has a built-in ice cooler to keep all your summer refreshments cold on hot, hot days.

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stepstool - toolbox

Step Stool - Toolbox

If you like our Step Stool - Toolbox but don't have time to make your own, now you can buy one online.

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storage bench

Bathroom Bench

Add more storage to a bathroom with this bathroom storage bench. Various finishing options.

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bathroom mirror

Bathroom Mirror

Order a custom framed bathroom mirror finished in a variety of paint or stain options.

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