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Cartoon wallpaper for a guest toilet

I have seen old newspapers and sheet music used as wallpaper for walls, but I love this idea for using Far Side calendars as wallpaper. Not only does this add interest to the walls, but your guests will never want to leave!



One day, while brainstorming ideas for decorating the guest toilet, I remembered some Far Side calendars I had put away. Inspiration struck - what about using them as wallpaper for the walls in the guest toilet! Covering an entire wall would be too much, so I decided to cover only the bottom half of the wall with the comics.



The first step was to install a piece of pine moulding around the wall to break it up into sections. Making it easy to remove meant avoiding any permanent damage to the walls. Instead of gluing the cartoons directly onto the wall, I covered the wall with 3mm plywood panels. Make the panels as snug as possible so that only a small amount of No More Nails adhesive is needed to hold in place. The panels were then painted with white paint for a nice bright background in case it showed through. 











The next step was to trim all the cartoons to size. If you have a small paper cutter this cuts down on the work, otherwise use a pair of scissors. Allowing extra on the bottom and right side gave me plenty of background so that when I applied the next one up against it, there was some overlap and no gap between the two.

To stick the cartoons onto the board I used ModPodge or clear acrylic sealer. I used a foam roller to apply a layer of ModPodge onto a small section of the wall and then started pressing the cartoons in place over the top of the ModPodge.

You will need to use your fingers to smooth out the cartoons to remove any air bubbles or creases. I then rolled more ModPodge over the surface to seal it. Make sure to roll down so that you won't disturb the layout as you apply more sealer over the top.



I had so much fun I couldn’t stop so I also added my favorite comics in simple black frames. With the framed comics on the wall and a matching black towel on the towel rack, I had a very unique black-and-white bathroom. Every guest in my home who walks into the bathroom laughs as they see what I’ve done, and they all love it.