Quick Project: Above-toilet shelf unit

An above-toilet shelf unit is a great way to add extra storage to a small or cramped bathroom.


This above-toilet storage shelf is ideal for a small or cramped bathroom. It's made of pine PAR that you can buy at any Builders or timber merchant, and it should only take a couple of hours tops to make.

Once assembled, you can apply a clear polyurethane sealer to protect, or finish with a tinted sealer. Or you can paint the above-toilet shelf using chalk or acrylic paint in your choice of colour.


2 of 20 x 144 x 1680mm pine - sides*

1 of 20 x 144 x 500mm pine - top*

3 of 20 x 144 x 460mm pine - shelves*

2 of 20 x 44 x 460mm pine - front/back frames*

4 x 50mm cut screws

Wood glue

*Adjust according to the thickness of pine and width/height required.


Drill / Driver plus assorted bits

Orbital Sander plus 120- and 240-grit sanding pads

Tape measure and pencil


1. Glue the front/back frames onto the bottom shelf. We only put these on the bottom shelf to hold the toilet rolls in place. Let the glue dry for 30 minutes.

2. Mark the location that you want for your shelves and then glue these onto one of the side pieces and then leave for 30 minutes.

3. Now you're ready to drive screws through the side section into the individual shelves. Use cut screws to join, as this eliminates the need for drilling pilot holes.

GOOD TO KNOW: If you're using any material other than pine - which is fairly soft - you should drill countersink holes, so that the screw heads are out of sight.

And there you have it... all that's left to do is apply your choice of finish.