A Tuscan bathroom

Transform a boring guest loo with a simple paint effect and accessories that provide a rustic, Tuscan style bathroom.




Paint tray

Drop cloth

Masking tape

10cm paint brush or soft rags

Water for clean-up

Disposable gloves

Scumble glaze

3 Acrylic paint shades (light, medium and dark)*

*3 colours will result in a look with greater, richer colour depth.







1. Clean walls surfaces with sugar soap to remove all dust and grime.

2. Apply your selected base color onto properly prepared walls. Follow label directions for proper drying times.

3. Prepare scumble glaze mix : Glaze, paint and water mixed at a ratio of 2:1:1 respectively;

4. Dip a soft cloth or sea sponge into the scumble mixture.


The soft cloth will give a more subtle appearance, as opposed to the sponge, which will result in a more textured look.







5. Begin by applying the scumble mixture to the wall using a random wiping or circular motion, almost as if you are actually washing the wall. Continue this wiping technique until the entire surface has been covered. Vary your washing motion for the most pleasing effect.


Design Tips:

For a more textured look, use a criss-cross motion to brush the mixture onto the wall in random strokes. Finish this technique by feathering out any harsh brush strokes, lightly sweeping over what you have done with a clean, dry brush.

Avoid overlap marks by maintaining a wet edge - blending as you continue to apply glaze.