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Quick and easy wall shelves

So many rooms have empty space that could be used for storage shelves. Installing shelves is a quick and easy project - one that anyone can do - with a bit of DIY savvy.

In this bathroom an alcove does duty as a laundry corner and adding shelves makes so much difference!


Lengths of 20 x 44mm PAR pine
Sheet of 305mm wide laminated pine
Nylon wall plugs and screws
4 x 30mm screws
Wood glue
Wire nails


Drill/Driver + assorted bits
Spirit level
Tape measure and pencil






1. Measure and cut the PAR pine to fit against the back and sides of the wall. Use a spirit level and pencil to mark the position for the shelves to ensure they will be straight. Drill holes in the wall with a masonry bit that matches the size of the wall plugs. The depth of the hole should be that of the wall plug plus 10mm extra. Secure the battens to the wall.

2. Cut the laminated pine shelving to size and secure this on top of the battens by screwing through the top.

3. Cut and measure for the front panel and secure this using wood glue and wire nails.

4. Sand smooth with 240-grit sandpaper and apply Wood Primer before painting with Plascon Velvaglo or Plascon Sure Coat Gloss in your choice of colour.