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Easy DIY Bathroom Shelf Ideas

Every bathroom should have a shelf or two but a small bathroom definitely requires shelves to contain clutter and organise the space, and we offer some easy DIY bathroom shelf ideas.


Most bathrooms aren't designed with storage in mind and you generally have to go out and buy your own storage to corral clutter and keep a bathroom neat and organised. Not many of us like the idea of drilling into walls, and particularly through tiles on walls, so we collected some great ideas that require minimal drilling and that you can make in a weekend for very little cost.

Hanging shelves that don't require brackets to be fastened to the wall are a great way to add essential storage to a small bathroom. You only need to drill a couple of holes in the wall to hang this type of shelf up, as long as you don't pile too much onto the shelves. You can buy thick cotton cord or sash cord at your nearest Builders Warehouse, as well as pieces of PAR pine that can be cut to size for your shelves.



Baskets are another way to bring storage into a bathroom, and I also like this idea for rental homes. The baskets can be secured onto the wall with heavy-duty double-sided tape. That way, when you move out you can remove tape residue with GooGone and the landlord will be none the wiser!

Gelmar have a great selection of sturdy baskets that would be ideal for storage in a bathroom, and you can incorporate these into macramé hangers (see below), on a shelf unit, or stick them onto a wall.

You only need to master a few basic knots to be able to make your own macramé hanging shelves, and you will find these easy instructions on Home-Dzine. Pop into your local Builders store to buy some cotton rope or sisal twine, or even sash cord, and then get crafting your own macramé shelves.

When creating your own hanging shelves you can choose to go as simple as possible, or add more knots and incorporate wood shelves to have tiered storage.

Using basic macramé knots you can design hanging storage for plants and decor accessories, to have access to bathing essentials close to the bath, or to store toilet rolls. Whatever storage you need it's easy to do with knots and wood.



Floating shelves are another excellent way of adding storage to a small bathroom, and these can be mounted on walls that won't interfere with activities in a bathroom. Above the toilet is a popular choice for floating shelves but you can also look at mounting them at on a wall at one end of the bath, or even behind the bathroom door (use fittings for drywall or hollow-core doors).

For floating shelves, you have the option to buy ready-made floating shelf units, or you can look at making your own floating shelves, either slimline or chunky floating shelves.

In a compact bathroom that's tight on space, using the wall above the toilet is ideal for extra storage and there are a variety of storage options that you can DIY to fit into this space.

Depending on your skill level, storage above the toilet can be a simple freestanding pine unit with shelves, a leaning ladder design that provides storage shelves, or a closed unit that keeps bathroom clutter out of sight.

If you love using your DIY skills to make stuff for the home, there are even more ways to add attractive storage to a small bathroom. You can combine reclaimed wood and galvanised steel piping to make handy storage shelves to mount on the wall, and these can be as small or as large as needed.

If you're lucky enough to get your hands on some reclaimed wood, making bathroom shelves won't cost you that much and you can design shelves and storage that fits nicely into the room and complements the style of your bathroom.



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