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Ways to use Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are great for extra storage, for displaying your collectables, as bookshelves or in so many other ways and we show you new ways to use floating shelves.


Whether you make your own floating shelves or buy them at your local Gelmar, there's more than one way to use a floating shelf. Buy a plain floating shelf and turn this into a handy bar area about a countertop, console table or cabinet. You can buy all the chrome fittings to install your own bar at Gelmar.





If you need a vanity unit or small dressing table in your bedroom, fitting a floating shelf is an easy option. Buy a floating shelf of at least 50mm thick (@ Gelmar) for a vanity that's strong and good looking. Floating shelves are generally quite thick and great for a chunky look or as an alternative to thinner shelf materials. Adding a couple of brackets underneath adds extra support.

Every bathroom needs a plant or two to freshen up the room, and you can use floating shelves to create your own display of plants for an interesting display. Make sure to mount the shelves so that plants receive at least some light during the day, although you can buy plants that thrive in a bathroom with very little natural light - ask at your garden centre for the best plants for your particular bathroom.

And of course, floating shelves can be mounted almost anywhere to provide essential storage. Bathrooms are notorious for having lack of storage options, so look at mounting floating shelves above the toilet - out of the way - for all your bathroom essentials.

GOOD TO KNOW: Before installing shelves on bathroom walls - use a digital detector to ensure that you won't drill into any pipes or conduits.

If you need a place to work, it's easy to set up a small home office in an alcove or tucked away in a corner. Floating shelves are ideal for setting up an organised workspace that looks as good as the rest of your home.

Don't feel that you only have to use floating shelves on their own. There are so many ideas out there for turning plain floating shelves into designer shelf units that look good in any modern home.

Floating shelves - long or short - are a great way to add storage next to the bed in a cramped bedroom. Mount a single shelf to accommodate a bedside lamp and an additional shelf for books, etc.



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