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Quick Project: Crates for bathroom storage shelves

Repurpose wooden crates into a colourful storage shelves for your bathroom and stack them up to tame bathroom storage.


These bathroom storage crates are easy to make using 12 x 94mm PAR pine that you will find at your local Builders Warehouse. Or be on the lookout for wooden crates that you can upcycle for this bathroom storage project.


Acrylic craft paint in pastel hues


Drill / Driver plus assorted bits

16mm screws






1. If you're upcycling wooden crates for this project you will need to remove any unnecessary parts. Those who want to make their own crates for the bathroom storage shelves will find step-by-step instructions here to make easy wooden wine crates. Substitute 19mm thick pine for 12mm thick pine to cut down the cost of the project and make lightweight wooden crates.

2. To paint the wooden wine crates add some water to your acrylic paint colours until you are happy with the desired result. You want a washed finish that allows the grain of the wood to appear through the paint.

3. Use a couple of 16mm screws to join the wooden crates together. Put the screws in at a slight angle so that they don't stick out the other side.

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