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Quick Project: Bathroom Cabinet

Add much needed storage to a bathroom with this quick and easy bathroom cabinet with mirror.


This handy bathroom storage cabinet with mirror is a quick and easy DIY project that will only take an hour or two. The sliding mirror gives you easy access and you can have the cabinet freestanding (great if you rent) or mount in on the wall.

Buy all the supplies needed for this project at Builders Warehouse, and they will even cut the mirror to size for you, or have it cut as a glass and mirror supplier.


Mirror, cut to size 4 or 5mm x 200 x 396mm

2 of 19 x 200 x 564mm pine -  top and base

2 of 19 x 200 x 425mm pine - sides

1 of 19 x 175 x 564mm pine - shelf

2 of 19 x 50 x 564mm pine - back supports

1 of 19 x 20 x 564mm pine -  top back support

Wood dowels, 8 x 40 m [12] and dowel centres

Wood glue



Drill / Driver plus assorted bits

Circular saw or router and groove cutting bit

Tape measure and pencil






1. The cabinet has a sliding mirror and you need to cut a slot in the top and base. Cut the groove according to the thickness of the mirror, which is either going to be 4mm or 5mm thick. Set the cutting depth of your circular saw or router to 6mm deep and cut the slot 12mm in from the edges.

GOOD TO KNOW: Test fit the mirror in the slots before you assemble the cabinet.

2. The cabinet pieces are joined together using 8mm dowels (or you can substitute this using a biscuit joiner). Drill [2] 8mm holes in the top, base and shelf to accommodate the dowels, and then use the dowel centres to mark the sides to accommodate the dowels for mounting these in place.

GOOD TO KNOW: Check that all the edges are flush before drilling coordinating holes in the sides.

3. Use wood glue and 8mm dowels to assemble the cabinet by securing the top, base and middle shelf onto the side sections.

GOOD TO KNOW: Insert the mirror before securing the top in place. Fit the mirror into the top and base slots.

4. Glue and clamp the back supports in place.

GOOD TO KNOW: If you are going to be mounting the bathroom storage cabinet onto a wall, secure the back supports in placed using dowels and wood glue.


Once the bathroom cabinet is assembled you can apply your choice of finish. Use a sealer or polyurethane varnish to protect the wood.

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