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Quirky Towel Hanger

Add a fun element to a family bathroom with this quirky towel hanger made using plastic garden taps.



Pine PAR offcut approx. 100 x 600mm

Plumbers Pride plastic garden taps [3]

Rust-Oleum Universal Hammered spray paint

220-grit sandpaper

Hangers [2] plus 16mm screws

Wood primer

Waterbased enamel paint in 1 colours plus white

Waterbased, clear acrylic or ModPodge

Painter's tape


Drill / Driver plus assorted bits

Spade bit, 20mm

Craft knife

Paintbrush and foam roller

Tape measure and pencil

Buy everything you need for this project at Builders Warehouse, Builders Express or Builders Trade Depot.




Before starting the project, lightly sand the board and prime with wood primer. Once dry, give the surface a light sanding to smooth.

GOOD TO KNOW: Primer helps protect the wood and provides a good bonding surface for the paint.

1. Paint the board with two coats of paint in your choice of colour. Allow the first coat to dry thoroughly before applying a second coat.

GOOD TO KNOW: A waterbased enamel makes clean up easier.

2. Take the taps outdoors to spray with Rust-Oleum Universal hammered spray paint - we used copper. Rust-Oleum Universal spray paint is a paint and primer in one that is suitable for plastic. To apply, hold the spray can 30cm away while spraying. Applying light coats will reduce the risk of runs and drips.

GOOD TO KNOW: Place the taps on skewers planted in the ground for easy spraying.

3. Measure where you want your taps to go - evenly spaced - and use a 20mm spade bit to drill holes in the board. Test fit the taps to make sure they fit snugly into the drilled holes.

4. Apply painters tape to mask off a strip for the strokes where the different names will be added. Paint this with white paint, applying two coats.  Remove the tape when the paint is dry.

5. Apply cold glue to the base of each tap and fit into the holes. Let the glue dry overnight.

6. Use your PC and printer to print out family names in a fancy font. Cut each one neatly around the edges with a craft knife.

7. Seal over the printed name with clear, waterbased acrylic or ModPodge. Use the paintbrush to ensure the label is flat on the surface and then apply two more coats, with drying time between each coat.

8. To finish, add the hangers at the back.


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