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Wall of vintage mirrors

Decorating a bathroom wall with vintage mirrors adds instant bling to a plain bathroom. Here's how to create your own mirror wall.


Roll of brown paper

Tape measure and pencil

Masking tape

Picture hangers




1. Before you start, check that the wires or hangers on the back of each mirror is firmly attached. If not, you may need to replace this with a suitable alternative for mounting the mirror onto the wall. Many older mirrors have a length of chain affixed to the back for mounting, but you can replace this with hangers screwed into the back.

2. With a pencil, trace the shape of each mirror on the brown paper. Indicate the top of bottom. This is to create a template to make it easier to arrange the display on the wall.

3. Working on the floor, move the templates around until you are satisfied with the arrangement. It helps to take a photo that you can use when transferring the arrangement onto the wall.

4. Hang the templates on the wall with masking tape, making sure to arrange them in the same position. For this arrangement the bottom right-hand and left-hand mirrors were swapped for a better fit on the wall.

5. When hanging the mirrors start in the centre. Place the first mirror face and measure from the hanger to the top of the frame. If you are hanging on a chain or wire, pull this taut before measuring the distance to the top of the frame.

GOOD TO KNOW: If you need to drill through tiles to mount the mirrors on the wall, DO use an Electronic Detector beforehand, and use nylon wall plugs and screws. An Electronic Detector will ensure that you do not drill into supply lines behind tiles or in walls.

6. Transfer the measurement from hanger to top of frame onto and through the template. Remove the template and hammer your picture hanger in place on the guide mark. Repeat this for all the mirrors.


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