Simple Upgrades for Your Elderly Parent's Home

Below are some essential upgrades you need to ensure that your elderly parent's home is safe.




As we get older, our bodies are no longer to do the things that they are used to. We become susceptible to slips and falls and need a little bit of help getting around the house. If you are caring for your elderly parents, then keep on reading. We are going to discuss some simple upgrades to make to their home. Let’s get started.


Redesign the layout

The very first and simplest of upgrades you can do to help improve the safety in a home is to redesign the entire layout. This process may involve throwing away some unnecessary clutter and relocating furniture so that it is safely out of the way. You want to make sure that there is a clear pathway to each of the rooms, free from any hazards. If your parents are in a wheelchair, this is also something that you will need to consider.


Non-slip rugs

One of the most significant floor hazards in a home are rugs. These are because they can easily lift up from the ground, tripping someone unexpectedly. Non-slip mats are a great alternative, as they decrease the risk of falls while still providing warmth for a home. While they can be a little on the pricey side, they are still certainly worth the investment.


Security system

A great addition that you should certainly consider investing in for your parent’s home is a security system. They come with many options, including alarms, surveillance, and even certain smart features. If you are searching to protect your home with an alarm system, make sure you do a bit of online research first. You want to ensure that it has everything you need and is suitable for your parents’ home.


Bathroom support equipment

Another upgrade that is essential for the elderly is bathroom supporting equipment. It certainly can be one of the most hazardous areas of the house, especially when everything gets wet. A shower stool or bench and non-slip mats can make a big difference, but there are also other options, including toilet safety rails and grip bars.



Handrails are not just great for the bathroom but can also be installed everywhere around the home. From the front steps to beside the bed. They can be very easy to install, but it’s important that you make sure they are screwed in securely. For more advice, have a look at these tips on DIY stair rail installation.



Another tricky spot that causes many accidents in the homes of the elderly is sliding doors. This is because they are an easy trip hazard, especially if they are using a wheelchair or walker. Small ramps can be installed over these areas to make things easier; however, if necessary, you can also make larger ones to get in and out of the home. Just make sure you hire a contractor for any bigger jobs, so you can make sure everything is done correctly.


Better hardware

Last on the list, another very simple thing to change that can make a huge difference is the hardware. Instead of using round knobs and handles, opt for something a little easier to grab or pull. You might even get cupboards that open with a simple press, instead of using hardware altogether. Just make sure you speak to your parents first, to see what they find most comfortable.

By making these changes around the home, you can ensure that your parents are protected and safe from certain injuries. If you are unsure about any major changes, make sure you contact a professional who can come and do an evaluation. This way, you will know exactly what you need, without all the extra stress.




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