Make A Small Entrance More Appealing

Not many homes have a large entrance hall into their homes, but there are plenty of clever ways to make even a small dark entrance feel welcoming.



Not only is the entrance to your home a welcome first impression for guests, but it is also the first thing you see when you arrive home from work every evening. The reality is that not many homes have a large entrance space into the home, and for this reason, we decided to put together an article that highlights the clever tricks you can use to make a few changes to make an entrance more appealing.



Even a small entrance or foyer can be dressed to create a first impression that welcomes everyone into a home, including yourself. Just because it is small doesn't mean there aren't a few things you can do to alter the appearance.

A Fresh Welcome

No matter how small or large, potted or in a vase, flowers and plants have a way of making a room feel a little more relaxing and this works well for any entrance. We have already looked at how plants at the entrance to a home add a friendly atmosphere and this is just as true in the entrance on the other side of the front door.



A small console table or stand with just a single plant or vase of fresh flowers, goes a long way towards refreshing the space, and you can select plants that are the right size, that will tolerate the amount of light the space has or a plant that requires little maintenance if you don't have a green thumb. Of course, there is always the option for silk or faux plants, but these never quite look like the real thing and mostly end up catching dust rather than attention.



If you seriously don't have the space, even for a potted plant or vase, there are still ways to bring some nature into the room. If there is a wall facing the door, this is an excellent place to hang a vertical garden or mount brackets on a wall for plant stands. You can even hang an arrangement from the ceiling.







Plant up a vertical garden with plants that thrive in low light.





A vertical garden provides the perfect solution for bringing plants into an entrance that is small and you can fill up with assorted plants that thrive in a low-light, semi-shade or partial sunshine, depending on the light in your entrance. With the increasing popularity of vertical gardens, there are plenty of options online for ready-made planters if you don't fancy making your own.



There are plenty of plants that thrive in different light situations, and if there is space for nothing else, you should have at least one plant at the entry to a home.


Optical Illusions

There are many ways to fool the eye, such as painting horizontal stripes to make a room feel wider or vertical stripes to make a low ceiling appear higher. There are also tricks you can use to make a small space feel larger than it is and if you entrance is small it is these tricks you need to use.


One of the easiest ways to bring about the illusion of more space is to have less on display. If you try to put too much into a small area it has the opposite effect. Rather opt for furniture with long, lean lines of a slimline profile that will still be functional but take up less space.


Streamlined furniture with a slim profile takes up very little space, but lets you add a few decorative or personal accessories to create a welcoming entrance to your home.



Tie in the Style

Every home reflects a certain style, one that is unique and personal to everyone that lives there. Since the entrance to the home should be a first impression and an invitation, you want the entrance to be an extension of the living spaces, one that complements the existing style incorporated into the home. For this reason, you should select furniture and accents that highlight the style, whether it be rustic or cottage, elegant or sophisticated.


Take aspects of the interior of your home and bring these to the front of the house by using them to decorate the space. It can be things like a mirror framed with driftwood and raw wood furniture for a coastal home, wooden carvings and ethnic tapestries if you have a love of everything African, or incorporate pieces of contemporary design, uber chic or just unique. Showcase the personality that you have imbibed into the living spaces and let this reflect in how you decorate the entrance.







Using an accent colour, say for a front door, is anything but dull and boring and provides a wake-up call for anyone entering the home.



Colour and contrast can be utilised effectively to highlight any architectural details that exist in an entrance.



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Make it Interesting

Above all else, an entrance needs to be interesting, even if it is a small area that you are decorating. Try to incorporate an item or two that has a pattern or interesting design, whether it be a woven rug, printed cushion or two, a piece of artwork or the addition of wallpaper on a wall. Any type of pattern will make a bland space more interesting to the eye.



Adding pattern to an entrance brings a touch of vibrancy into the space, taking it from average to awesome.



If you want to wake up an entrance, wallpaper is a great way to do it. Available in a wide selection of colours and patterns, you may only need a single roll to add impact to your home entrance.






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