Urban loft renovation

With the continuing move towards rejuvenating inner city living, we take a look at an urban loft renovation by Dwelling Designs that highlights how commercial or industrial properties can be transformed into beautiful living spaces.


Inner city areas around the world go through many cyclical phases, and Johannesburg is no exception. The City of Joburg has seen times of popularity and neglect. There was a time when Hillbrow was 'the' place to live, but is now avoided. Thanks to savvy investors and developers, Joburg inner city is heading into a positive phase, with specific areas being set aside for regeneration and the transformation of once derelict buildings into sophisticated residential living spaces.

Vibrant and colourful, Joburg’s inner city has a unique character that can easily claim to be the Culture Capital of South Africa. As a base for many creative and cultural venues, Joburg is a hive of activity and there are several projects in play with the aim of upgrading and revitalising the city. For more information about what's on in Joburg, visit www.Joburg.co.za

Inner city developments offer a variety of residential options, including urban lofts. Designed around an open plan layout, urban lofts offer an eclectic combination of styles, with modern interiors set against an industrial backdrop where many original features remain in these developments as a testament to their history.



Inner city living in an urban loft allows homeowners to not only be close to their place of work, but also enjoy the various cultural activities but a stone's throw away. In Joburg, the development of the Potato Sheds, behind Mary Fitzgerald Square in Newtown, is under construction while the Johannesburg Art Gallery and surrounding areas are given a facelift.

Plans are also in motion around Newtown, Constitutional Hill, Jewel City and Joubert Park, and areas like the Fashion District and Maboneng are as much draw cards to the Joburg inner city as their more conventional counterparts in the suburbs.



As the City of Joburg goes through a process of rejuvenation, imagine the future possibility of being able to look out of your windows onto a city refreshed and transformed. Urban loft living lets you to experiment with space and style to fit in with your own needs. Decorating an urban loft benefits from making the best use of open spaces with clean lines and minimal use of furniture for plenty of space to moved around and take full advantage of the space, height and spectacular city views.