Sophisticated in white

White has always been the 'go to' colour for many home decorators. But white can be just as sophisticated as any colour.


White continues to be the colour of choice for many homeowners. White is a colour that enhances a small living space, making it feel visually larger, and white instantly brightens a dull room. Using today's tough, washable paints and combining white with soft complementary hues and you can even use white for a family home.

For the occupant, home is about finding serenity in the city. The apartment is my paradise - small but comfortable, with a large outdoor space.

White is the dominant colour throughout the apartment, with splashes of light grey and warm wood accents. The living room, dining area and kitchen are all open plan, but with the clever use of textures the space is cosy and welcoming.



Don't feel that you have to pack all your collectibles out of sight. Sometimes it is small details like these that make a house a home. A display of favourite ceramics, glassware and candles create a wonderful display in front of a sunny window. Arrange your keepsakes on open shelves or cabinets.

Decorate a boutique-style bedroom by layering pillows, cushions and throws. Even in a clean, monochrome colour scheme, you can give your bed a feeling of coziness by piling on pillows, cushions and throws in rich textures.

Make your outdoor spaces comfortable with cushions and rugs to create an outdoor room for all season. The balcony is a sunny space, even in winter, and a relaxing place to sit. Try to design the space to be an extension of your living space.