It's so easy to decorate with these secondhand finds

Don't waste money on assembly-line furniture and décor accessories when you can easily makeover these secondhand bargains.


If you are looking to decorate a brand new home or give your home an update, it's not always easy or inexpensive to make the necessary changes to alter the look of a room - or your home. Buying brand new items can work out very expensive, even if you shop at discount home stores. One way to add a unique touch to your home interior is by shopping around for secondhand bargains.

Brass or Copper Lighting - 307159637083485621/

Popular in the 70s and 80s and recently become trendy again to add a metallic touch to room, most people toss these out or sell them to secondhand stores for a bit of cash back on items they no longer need. You will commonly find items like candle sticks, pendant lights, and knicknacks that you can pick up at bargain prices.

While it might not be an item you would generally consider for your home, look at this purchase into a fun DIY project that you can transform with a few craft accessories.

Rust-Oleum Chalked paint is easy to apply and requires very little prep work and can be used to give your brass accessories a fresh look. And since it doesn't require much preparation when using chalk paint you can simply apply and transform for a unique fitting that will add to the decor of a room, or introduce a vintage feel..

Table and Standing Lamps - 559783428683175332/

Every room needs a little light to brighten up the space and a little light may be just what your home needs. Once thing that's great about giving a table or standing lamp a makeover is that it is easy to buy new lampshades. Buy a new shade in a colour and design that will complement the existing decor in the room.

Spray paint or chalk paint is an easy way to give any table lamp a new look, plus you can choose the right colour to match your colour scheme. When looking for inexpensive table or standing lamps, choose one that will be easy to work with and easy to keep clean.

Coffee Tables and Side Tables - 290060032247711443/

Side table, coffee tables and end tables are great secondhand store bargains if you find them. When you come across good buys - check before you take to make sure the bones (framework) are good. You don't have to have to spend too much to give these a makeover, otherwise it isn't worth it. Make sure drawers are in good condition and that any superficial damage will be easy to repair.

Giving this type of furniture a new look is relatively simple - even if it has seen better days. You only need a few basic tools (drill / driver, jigsaw and sander) to make them look good. As with other items we discuss here, you can quite easily paint with spray paint or chalk paint to match your existing room decor and theme.

Looking Good With Mirrors - 536139530640257040/

Whether you find some old picture frames or vintage mirrors, you can give these a quick makeover with paint. You will find plenty of ideas for making your own picture frames in our Craft section, so go ahead and add a good looking mirror to your home. A fun idea is to collect an assortment of different sized and shaped mirrors to create a statement wall.

Breakfast Trays, Serving Trays or Trolleys - 571605377702745858/

Many people associate serving trays with something grandma would have, but these items have come back into fashion and are considered versatile pieces that every home should have. While they may not fit in with your style, you can give them a simple makeover or restore the metal finish to match what you already have.

Think out of the box with serving trays - they look great as a decorative centrepiece on a coffee table or dining table, or even on a server or consol table.

Give New Life To Secondhand

With shopping for bargains at secondhand stores there’s always room for improvement, and you get to buy at affordable prices.  Don’t be afraid to browse your local secondhand stores in search of must-have bargains.



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