Refresh body and soul at home

Winter has a way of making you feel like your head is stuffed with cotton wool and your body is sluggish, so try these tips to refresh body and soul.


Whether you are recovering from a bout of the dreaded flu this winter, or it's just that winter makes you feel like your head is stuffed with cotton wool, try these tips to refresh body and soul.

Have a healthy breakfast

Clear out your mind and begin the day with a healthy breakfast. But not just any breakfast... Treat yourself to a hotel-style breakfast that pampers your senses and kick-starts your body for the rest of the day.

Set up a small table in your bedroom (if you have the space) and dress it up as if you were staying at a hotel. Fill the table with healthy goodies that will give your body a boost and get your mind working in overdrive.



Spoil yourself with a glass of crystal water with a splash of lemon. Add ice cubes and a few fresh berries. Water is definitely a great way to clean and detox your body, so also make sure to drink plenty during the day.

Spoil yourself to a spa

Treat yourself to a mini spa session... at home! Grab a trolley and fill it up with all the essentials you need for a home spa.

You're going to need a few extra special products such as a few bottles of essential oils or bath bombs for the bath water, as well as some scented herbs to hang in the room. Drape some sprigs of rosemary over the shower head if you prefer to have a steam shower rather than a bath.



Treat yourself to movie night

Set up your bedroom for movie night, with popcorn and choccies to sate your cravings. Put on your PJ's, dim the lights and sit back in bed to take in your favourite movie.

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