Decorate a Home with Silk Flowers

Buying fresh flowers for a home could end up costing a fortune whereas a silk flower arrangement is a one-time splurge.






Adding a floral arrangement to a room does wonders - it brightens and freshens with a splash of colour and greenery. It would be lovely if you could add an arrangement of flowers as often as possible but unfortunately, this would cost far too much monthly. This is where silk flowers come to the fore, where they can brighten up a room with subtle colours and pastel hues and the one good thing about an arrangement of silk flowers is that you only have to buy them once.





The Secret to Silk Flowers

The secret to arrangements with silk flowers is to avoid any that look tacky and cheap. If you can immediately see that they are fake flowers, don't buy them. Even if you need to spend a bit more on something that resembles the real thing, keep in mind that it will last far longer and look better than a cheaper substitute. Unfortunately, you really must do some serious shopping to find the right silk flowers and there are plenty of ideas online that come at exorbitant prices far out of reach for the average homeowner. I have locked down a few suppliers of quality silk flowers at a reasonable price where you can check out what they have to offer.




Even when selecting flower varieties, you want the colours to look as natural as possible. It is also a good idea to select flowers for your arrangement that can be purchased at florists and not ones that are not locally available. The arrangement needs to look as natural as possible. You most always find that the flower part looks gorgeous and natural, but the leaves or foliage looks plastic. That's alright and you can remove any fake-looking sections and replace with fresh greenery cut from your garden or buy foliage and greens from a local florist.



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Copy and paste this link into your search bar:



Grandiflora is based in South Africa and is the main supplier of fresh flowers, foliage, plants and they have a wide selection of silk flowers. is U.S based and has some of the best quality silk flowers at reasonable prices that they ship to South Africa.







When arranging silk flowers, introduce foliage for a filler with freshly, cut greenery from your garden.





Caring for Silk Flowers

Keeping silk flowers clean is not an everyday task and you only need to use a clean feather duster weekly to ensure the flowers stay looking fresh. If you stay on top of a weekly or twice-monthly cleaning program, dust will not be able to spoil the arrangement. If silk flowers do have a layer of dust that is hard to remove, fill up a bowl with a teaspoon of mild dishwashing liquid and warm water. Wash the flowers individually by holding placing the heads in the warm water and giving a little shake. Remove the flowers and give another shake to remove excess water. Another shake to fluff out the petals or flowers and your silk flowers will be fresh and clean.





Switch It Up and Mix It Up

Just as you would with freshly cut flowers from your garden or florist, switch out the floral arrangement seasonally. This will also bring authenticity and ensure the arrangement also looks fresh. When you purchase your first selection of silk flowers, choose a range of flowers that would look good in summer and in winter. You don't need a lot of flowers if you use foliage and greenery as fillers.







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