Add detail to interior doors

Plywood or MDF strips applied to interior doors add a new level of detail to plain hollow core doors.



Here's an easy way to transform a plain hollow core interior door using plywood or MDF strips. You can 3mm, 6mm or 9mm strips in both plywood and MDF, and with plywood you can stain the wood in your choice of colour for a nice contrast, or paint MDF if you prefer a modern finish.

You might find thinner ply and MDF at your local Builders, or get in touch with your local timber and board supplier, or if being painted you can substitute with 3mm hardboard or Masonite and have this cut at Builders.



This project only works on the side of the door that does not close on the inside of the frame. In other words, make sure that there is enough space for the door to be able to close if you fit panels.

If you are wanting to stain the plywood you will also need a centre panel to cover up the plain door. Use a 3mm thick centre panel and apply 6mm thick strips around the edges to create a frame.

Glue the strips onto the front of the door using No More Nails adhesive. You need to ensure that no adhesive oozes out onto the actual front of the panels, as this will affect the stain finish. Only apply a thin bead of adhesive on the panels to prevent this from happening - or if it does, immediately wipe away any adhesive with a slightly damp cloth.

Continue adding strips over the centre panel, leaving a gap of approximately 30cm between the strips.

Allow the adhesive time to dry before using Woodoc Gel Stain in your choice of tint to stain the plywood panels. Apply with a lint-free cloth and wipe with the direction of the wood grain for an even finish.

After staining you can apply Woodoc Antique Wax or one of the Woodoc range of interior sealers. A sealer will obviously offer a far better finish for easy cleaning.