Add Colour, Texture, Pattern and Warmth with Rugs

Rugs have become a hot topic with interior designers and every room in the home needs a rug that adds colour, texture, pattern, and warmth during the winter months.






Affordable Rugs for the Home

Over the last few years, the pricing for rugs has come down from exorbitant to reasonably affordable. Now there are online suppliers that offer special prices, discounts, and other enticements to allow us common folk to be able to invest in a decent rug. I like that, that you can now afford to purchase a rug for your home, or a room in the home, without breaking the bank.





What to Look for in a Rug

Okay, for this article we aren't focusing on a rug that is going to cost you an arm or a leg but rather an item that you can afford, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't have more than a few redeeming qualities. Every rug should be something that you want or need, an item that will add a finishing touch to a room or bring a decorating scheme together, but it should also offer warmth underfoot and make a home feel cosy. Below are a few pointers to consider when selecting a rug:



The size of a rug is determined by the area where it will be placed. Should it fill the room or leave space around the perimetre? Are you using the rug to define a zone?




1. Size matters

Measure up the space where the rug or rugs are to go. You ideally want a rug that fills the space, so measure where you want the rug to be placed and use this to select the right sized rug.







Most people just want a rug that will look good in a decorated space, but rugs can also bring colour and pattern into a rug, so consider your options before you start looking around.





2. Colour and Pattern

Before you go shopping, decide if you want plain or patterned and the best colour/s for the setting. At least have an idea in mind before you go through the selection process and do not be swayed by what you see. Last minute decisions could result in a rug you liked when you were looking but not one you love in your home.





3. Finishing and Quality

While your search will be guided by the money you have to spend on a rug don't settle on cheap. There are several rug suppliers out there who provide quality rugs at an affordable price. Make sure the rug is finished, has a backing or not, and can be easily cleaned. Choose a rug that comes with a warranty of guarantee against faulty workmanship.





Rugs Add Warmth Underfoot

With flooring trends moving away from luxury fitted carpets, rugs have become a way of bringing warmth underfoot in a home that has ceramic, porcelain, stone or other tiling material or a property with polished concrete floors, and even those with laminate floors. These flooring types are perfect for hot summer days but not so much during winter when they can freeze your feet if you stand still for longer than five minutes!





The best way to compensate for cold floors is to use rugs - and the thicker the better - or looking at layering rugs to cover the flooring for more comfort in a living room or bedroom. With all the different types, sizes, colours, and patterns out there, we are spoilt for choice - and most at an affordable price.









From Boring to Bright and Interesting

A design trick when decorating a room is to use a rug to bring colours in the room together using colours already in the room in the form of artwork or soft furnishings, or to use a rug to introduce colours and patterns. A single rug can lift any room from boring to bright and interesting if you select the right rug.





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