Use Fresh Fabrics and Textiles to Breathe Life into a Home

Decorate your home with fresh fabrics and textiles that will breathe new life into any room.






Refresh your home with fabrics and textiles that are colourful, lively and breathe new life into any room in your home.




After staying indoors for months during the autumn and winter seasons, the revitalising energy of spring brings new life to our homes and gardens and purifies the air. A wonderful way to breathe new life into any room is to freshen up with new fabrics and textiles; lightweight fabrics in colourful hues that are plain or patterned with geometric designs or floral motifs, and sheer curtains that flow lightly in the breeze. Swap drab throw cushion covers with interesting prints and complementary or accent colours to bring vibrancy into the setting and replace faded rugs with patterns and colour for even more interest.



1 | Replace Window Treatments





Roman blinds are easy to make, and you don't even need a sewing machine! Secure the edges with iron-on fusible tape.





Selecting your choice of fabrics to dress a home allows you to choose those that complement your interior design and bring more into the room. Colourful fabrics will liven up a room while more muted hues will remain in the background while other elements take the stage. Patterned fabrics will add interest in a room lacking in detail and floral designs will bring the outdoors indoors. You even get to choose fabrics for throw cushions and pillows for living spaces and have these made up into decorative accessories - or make yourself if you own a sewing machine.







Walk into any room in your home and address the setting with a critical eye to determine what is missing or what the room needs to feel more alive. Remember that spring is about new beginnings and there is no better way to freshen up your home by bringing in fresh designs.





Lightweight fabrics or transparent sheer curtains provide essential privacy without blocking out natural light but over time these fabrics can yellow with age. It is so easy to freshen up a home with new curtains and window treatments that let in cool breezes to keep the room cool.  If you need to block out light in the evenings, have a blackout blind made to fit the window.





Many larger fabric stores and window treatment suppliers offer the option of selecting your own fabric to have blinds made in specific sizes for the windows in a house and making blinds yourself is not that difficult.









2 | Swap Soft Furnishings and Accessories Treatments






Another easy way to breathe new life into a room is with soft furnishings. Throw cushions are great for bringing colour, texture, and pattern to a room, but when you see the same cushions for years, they tend to fade into the background rather than attract the eye and make a room feel more alive. Unfortunately, I see so many wonderful colours and patterns in the home decor stores, but the price is off-putting. I don't believe in spending over two hundred rand for a cushion when I could make the same for under a hundred rand.





Think of a room as a blank canvas and imagine how you can build up the perfect picture using layers of colour and pattern.





Feeling inspired? Pop into your nearest fabric store for even more inspiration for replacing the faded window treatments, soft furnishings and worn textiles in your home.








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