How To Give Any Rental Home a Glam Update

When you rent your home, making decorative changes gives you limited options- unless you go glam with vinyl tile stickers.



When you finally find the perfect rental home, one you intend to stay in for quite a while, you're going to want to add personal touches here and there. The problem is, the landlord won't let you. Well, he won't let you make any permanent changes or modifications that will damage walls and such, but then, that was before vinyl tile stickers came along. Now according to Keyrenter Management in Arkansas, you can add personal touches to any room in the home that lacks interest or detail - one that is semi-permanent but will not cause any damage. Tilevera tile stickers can provide a colorful and interesting pattern on tiles for up to 2 to 3 years. Let's take a look at how you can use vinyl tile stickers to transform a rental home.

But vinyl tile stickers are not just for those living in a rented home, they are great for anyone wanting an instant makeover on a budget. If you are tired of looking at plain tiles but don't have the budget to rip out and replace - cover them with vinyl tile stickers until you have saved enough to do the project.






Rental homes are usually kitted out with contractor details such as bland white tiles in the bathroom that only make the bathroom feel more sterile and boring. Now you can peel and stick vinyl tile stickers over white tiles to transform tiles into a masterpiece of colour and pattern and you get to choose from a wide selection of designs. - 560064903646841768/


Rental home or not, you don't have to put up with baby blue or pink or avocado green tiles that went out of fashion in the 70s. Cover these up with tile stickers. - 158540849366867446/

Since the landlord won't let you make any permanent changes to rooms, using vinyl tile stickers give you the ability to make coloured tiles a tad more fashionable simply with the addition of a few patchwork stickers. When you leave, peel off the stickers and everything is restored to normal.








Kitchens, just as with bathrooms, are usually tiled with inexpensive white tiles intended to make a kitchen feel brighter and more spacious. While that is true, it's also true that basic white tiles get boring after a while, and since you cannot make any changes to the kitchen itself, the only way to add interest is to use tile stickers.


Cover up an ugly backsplash with interesting patterns or colours that complement the accessories you have in the kitchen. In under an hour, your kitchen will be transformed and feel completely different - almost like moving into a new home! - 79516749650420458/


If the kitchen is old-fashioned, bring it up to date with tile stickers that bring a whole new element into the space. A wall of patterned stickers has 'wow' factor and with these designs being so popular, will bring any kitchen into the 21st century without spending a fortune. - 595812225682882878/








Vinyl tile stickers are easy to install over tiles that need to be disguised or covered up. Choose from a wide selection of designs at and follow the installation instructions. The stickers offered by Tilevera are made in South Africa and designed with you in mind. If you love colour and interesting patterns, using tile stickers will immediately upgrade a tiled wall. 

Tile stickers can be applied to almost any surface but it must be thoroughly cleaned and dried beforehand. Tile stickers can only be installed on smooth surfaces.

Tile stickers ordered from Tilevera come with detailed installation instructions which means you simply peel and stick them onto the prepared tiles.

After allowing 48-hours for the stickers to set in place they are resistant to steam and humidity but you should allow a 200mm distance from a heat source such as a hob or stovetop.






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