How to wall mount a flat screen TV

Mounting a flat screen TV onto the wall is one way to free up valuable floors space in a room. It's also a great way to hang the TV out of the way when you have young children - it provides a sense of safety, as heavy and expensive electronics are up and out of the way.


Decorate a home for the holidays

If shopping early makes the holidays less stressful, then planning early for decorating your home brightens the family's mood and makes this time of year more fun.



How to decorate a rental home

It's nice to know that there are ways to decorate a rental home and, while this can be a challenge, the idea is to spend the least amount of money on items that get left behind when you move. Here are some ideas to put to good use when renting a home...


A small home that's big on style

Every centimetre of this home has been transformed into an elegant living area with enough storage - and even display space!



One sofa - three combinations

Three quick and easy ways to add colour to a room - the same room - using different colour combinations. Try this trick the next time you want to add a new look to your lounge or living space.


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Refresh your home

Many homeowners foregoing the usual annual vacation will be looking for ways to have a holiday at home. They say that, "A change is as good as a holiday", so here are some affordable and quick makeovers you can do for that "holiday' feeling.


Staircase gets a makeover

As you can see from the before image (top right), the staircase was natural oak. Dated and dreadful. NOT the first impression I ever wanted to give my guests. Replacing it with European style iron railing was the cost of an new car. What was a girl to do?


Room to move

A home can never have enough storage – it always seems that the number of possessions we have in our homes is slightly more than there is room for in our cupboards.



Make an entrance

Your front door is more than practical, it's also a first impression. Make sure that you front door gives the right impression!



Decorate with items you already have

Turn the style you have into the style you want. Check out our ideas on how to create a stunning room by making the most of the furniture and accessories you already own.



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Smart ways to heat a home

I recently came across an environmentally friendly open fireplace. What makes this fireplace so user-friendly and easy to install is the fact that it does not even require any installation or utility connection for fuel supply, as it runs on Denatured Ethanol.


Choose the right carpet for the right room

Carpets add comfort and warmth to your home, providing a luxurious, yet durable foundation for your décor and lifestyle.



Beautiful investment

Many homeowners are looking at antiques as investment pieces that offer their home a one-of-a kind look. Some are stepping out of the box by using special pieces beyond their original intention. 


Storage ideas for living spaces

There are so many wonderful ways to add storage to a living room. The only problem that we are faced with here in SA, is to find a local supplier. Ah well, if all else fails you could always make some of these yourself.


Home theatre tips for DIYers

If you'd rather watch movies at home than go to the theatre, you're not alone. If the idea of having your own home theatre is appealing, you don't have to pay pros to do the job for you.



Add privacy with doors

There's more to these doors than meets the eye. If you need to create extra privacy in your home, look at inspiring ways to incorporate doors - without hinges!



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