Decorate a Rental Home

It's nice to know that there are ways to decorate a rental home and, while this can be a challenge, the idea is to spend the least amount of money on items that get left behind when you move. Here are some ideas to put to good use when renting a home...






Walk into a bathroom in a rented home and you will see white - and plenty of it. Not always glamorous, most bathrooms in a rental home offer basic amenities and little or no dressing.

My first priority in a new home is to replace the toilet seat - whether it needs it or not. If you need to add a splash of colour to a plain white bathroom, TrustArt Realty advises to match the toilet seat with towel colours and then add a few more accessories in the same colour to improve the overall look of a bathroom. Alternatively, fit a solid wood toilet seat.

Use an all-white bathroom to your advantage by adding your own personal colour scheme to the room. Towels, mats and accessories are easy ways to introduce personality and mood into any bland bathroom - just don't overdo it.



house beautiful



There are quite a few affordable improvements that you could do to improve a boring bathroom:



• Painting the walls in a bright colour




• Painting tiles - Video guide
Don't go overboard when painting tiles, you can create a dramatic difference simply by painting a few tiles here and there, or by creating a faux mosaic border in your choice of colours. Painted tiles are easy to restore to their original condition with Plascon RemovAll.



• Laying vinyl flooring
On one of my many visits to my local Builders Warehouse I viewed their latest range of vinyl floorcovering. Not the vinyl designs of yesterday - the look is modern and suited to any home. Vinyl flooring is easy to lay and doesn't necessarily have to be stuck down.





If you plan on staying in a rented home for a long period, discuss any changes with the landlord. At the end of the day you are offering to pay to improve and add value to his/her investment and you never know!







Light dimmer

Adding dimmers to your light switches lets you adjust the mood in any room. Did you turn a corner of your kitchen into a work/study area or have your home office in the lounge or bedroom?





Installing a dimmer allows you to dim the lights after cooking when you’re ready to finish some work on your laptop. Having control over the lighting lets you make each room your own. Definitely a project you can attempt to do on your own if you are a do-it yourselfer, or if you don’t feel comfortable tackling this project on your own, enlist the help of a handyman. Have them come out when you have a few projects for them to bundle the cost.





Splash on some colour

Paint; the absolute best accessory to your new place. In most rentals, they go neutral to please the masses. Adding a little colour can bring in your personal style and help your furniture fit in.

I recommend checking with your landlord first, but usually they just request you paint it back when you decide to leave.

Keep colour simple and stay with light tones that will be easy to paint over. When I first moved in, my new bedroom was a large space with stark white walls and white carpet. Just adding a hue of Oyster Shell warmed up the room enough to calm the space for sleeping.





*Tip: If you aren’t allowed or just not ready for all over paint. Pick up some large canvases at a local art and craft supply and a quart of paint. Getting creative with either a solid colour or a pattern of colour can add just the amount of colour you needed and can easily be relocated.



Decorate with art

While most landlords do not allow any nails or hangers in the walls, with some discussion you should be able to wangle your way around this.





By using quality hangers and mounting them correctly, it is a simple task to make good when you eventually leave. Interior crack filler is perfect for filling in small holes left by picture hangers, and once sanded, the walls can look at good as they did.





Let’s talk flooring

We are not all blessed with a rental complete with beautiful hardwood floors, sometimes we have to make due with what is existing. Whether its dingy carpet, white tile that shows every mess, or not so attractive vinyl, you have many options to enhance these floors.





Area rugs are the best option for a space that needs some style. Pick out a texture and pattern that fits your style and personality and is the right size for your space.

A trick is to go larger in an area where you would like to cover a not so pretty floor. If you plan to stay in your rental home for as long as possible, look at the possibility of installing new carpets.

Belgotex offer a wide range of affordable carpets that will make your home feel new and more your own, and your landlord might be willing to contribute towards the cost.





Make yourself comfortable: This is key to settling in! Sometimes we get caught up that we won’t be in this rental long “my lease is only for 6 months or a year ect..,” but adding personal touches allow for the ultimate in function and style. Put out your personalized doormat and plant your favourite flower by the entryway.

These small touches can make your rental stand out to you and be a joy to come home to. I always recommend negotiating changes for a break on your rent with your landlord first. Many landlords love that you are taking the time to upgrade their place and are willing to pitch in if it's something that will forever improve the home.