Decorate with what you have

Turn the style you have into the style you want. Check out our ideas on how to create a stunning room by making the most of the furniture and accessories you already own.




Slipcovers work wonders with furniture pieces that don't quite match, either in colour or style, plus they offer the added benefit of being machine washable when the kids leave fingerprint and scuff marks on the furniture. Don't be afraid to try different pieces in a room - even though they're not from the same period.

Give old furnishings a new lease on life with a little paint. It's cheaper than buying a new piece and can completely transform the look. In this bathroom an old sideboard is painted it white and given extra detail by adding a silver leaf effect to the handles.

Pillows are an easy to way to add a pop of colour or a new texture to a living room. Inexpensive options can be found at stores like Mr Price Home, Sheet Street or your favourite home decor store.



If you're handy with a sewing machine you can save yourself a bundle by making your own cushions covers, and you will be able to choose from a wide selection of fabrics and colours at your local fabric shop.



Not only contemporary, white can also be incredibly homely, too. This all-white room is given warmth with Rust-Oleum Muslin furniture that's ideal for a rustic, traditional or modern space.

To paint any existing furniture: sand down with an Orbital Sander and 120-grit sanding pads to de-gloss the existing surface, and then sand again with 240-grit sanding pads to prepare for painting. On raw surfaces it is best to apply Rust-Oleum Primer Spray before painting, but previously painted or varnished furniture can simply be sprayed with your choice of colour in the Rust-Oleum Painters Touch range in gloss or satin.



Mix it up

Use varying shades of white in your decor to avoid it looking flat. The same applies when you’re painting – generally speaking it’s best to use a matt paint on the walls and a semi-gloss on the trim. When painting, shades of white will make a room appear larger. If you want the room to feel larger still, paint the ceiling and skirtings in a lighter tone of the wall. Don’t believe the myth that children and white interiors don’t mix. Use a washable paint such as Plascon Double Velvet in high traffic areas and removable, washable slipovers on sofas.