Metallic zebra print rug

I have been longing for a zebra print rug for ages and finally bought myself a large piece of canvas dropcloth and some Rust-Oleum Universal metallic in pure gold so that I can make my own zebra print rug.


How to stage a home to sell or live in

If you are looking to put your home up for sale, staging a home is one of the ways to not only improve the value of a house, but also to 'set the stage' and make your home look more interesting to buyers.


Top 5 painted stencil rug designs

A trend that is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners, especially with today's flexible paints, is to paint a design onto a rug or mat.



Easy ways to make a home feel cosy

Looks like we're in for a cold winter, especially if Eskom plans to come through with the hinted-at power outages. Here are some tips on how to keep your home warm and cosy when it's cold outside.


Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Many homeowners tend to overlook how good mirrors look on a wall, especially when massed en-group. I admit that one large, framed mirror looks great but so does a whole group of mirrors. Here are some ideas for adding more mirrors to your home...


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Warm up a home with red

While adding colour doesn't actually add heat, it does make you feel warmer inside. With a power crisis in SA looming on the horizon this winter it's definitely an option to consider before plugging in a heater and using up what little resources we have.


Living spaces by candice olsen

If I had to come back as an interior designer, it would be as Candice Olsen. Not only does she make every single project look so easy - and achievable - but every room she touches has that undeniable 'candice glam' to it.


Add sizzle to your fireplace

As we move into the colder months many homeowners are taking a closer look at their fireplace and how it's not a feature but more of an eyesore. A centrally positioned fireplace is one of the easiest ways to add a focal point - if it's attractive to look at...


Living room remodel

Giving your living space a makeover it not just about slapping on a coat or two of paint. It's also about careful planning and putting together a budget that allows you to buy what you need, or put your DIY skills to good use and save a bit here and there to afford a few luxuries.


DIY home renovations

These types are projects are not done in a weekend but they are projects that can be done by a DIY enthusiast who is prepared to put in the time and effort.



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The art of arranging furniture

You've bought or rented a new home and now you want to arrange the furniture. While it may come natural to some, not everyone has the talent for knowing what goes where.



Decorating a small space

Don't let a small space get your down when it comes to decorating. You can have just as much design fun - it's just about knowing when to stop. Learn to use colour to visually enlarge a small space and mix patterns and textures with panache to customise your small space.


Occasional chairs take the design spotlight

There was a time when a chair was just a chair. Now a chair is a trendy decor accessory that is available in hundreds of shapes, styles and fabrics.



Decorating a bedsit or shoebox-size flat

While decorating a small space such as a bedsitter might have its limitations, with clever planning and by making use of available resources, there is no reason why a small bedsitter, flat or apartment can look just as good as a large one !


Sofa or sectional lounge suite...?

A great sofa or sectional lounge suite should help set the tone for a room - but first it has to fit through the door. If your space has narrow doorways, tight stairs or other architectural obstacles, try a sectional sofa.


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Modern macramé designs

I have come across some wonderfully modern ideas using basic macramé techniques. When you think that all you need is a couple of balls of string or twine to make these designs, macramé is a very affordable way to add unique decor items to a home.


Hand made rugs and poufs

If you thought hand made rugs were old fashioned and boring... think again. Gandia Blasco crafts a range of rugs that are casual, comfortable and contemporary. The hand made rugs and poufs are Inspired by traditional knit motifs in a neutral or bright colour palette.


Design or studio apartment or open plan living

Marie Burgos Design offers insight into how a studio apartment or open plan living space can be beautifully decorated and defined. This studio apartment defines luxurious yet is a practical and affordable design that any apartment dweller can achieve.


In search of the best flooring option

With so many options to choose from, installing flooring is a difficult decision to make, but one best left to the homeowner.



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