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Living Room Remodel

Giving your living space a makeover it not just about slapping on a coat or two of paint. It's also about careful planning and putting together a budget that allows you to buy what you need, or put your DIY skills to good use and save a bit here and there to afford a few luxuries.



Amazing what you can do if you are prepared to set aside a budget and take the time to plan. The original living area, although large, was not being used to its full potential, so a home remodeling is necessary.



The revamped living area is calm and serene and just to place you want to sit down and relax. New furniture was budgeted for and new carpeting fitted, as well as other features and accessories.



The old fireplace was removed and replaced with an economical gas heater that warms the entire space in the winter months.






The new living space incorporates an entertainment area at one end of the large space that is kitted out with a composite countertop that serves as a bar area.



A cosy corner at one end of the entertainment area serves as an informal dining space. The table and chairs can be moved and the fitted banquette used for seating when needed.