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Decorating a small home, apartment or flat

Don't let a small space get your down when it comes to decorating. You can have just as much design fun - it's just about knowing when to stop. Learn to use colour to visually enlarge a small space and mix patterns and textures with panache to customise your small space.


Tailored Trendy
It might be small, but this one-room studio flat doesn't lack of character. Instead of covering up the raw brick wall it has been made into a feature. The white wall, trim and sofa almost disappear, especially with the transparent nesting tables and side table with metallic frame.

In the dining space a floor-to-ceiling mirrored wall bounces light into the space, so awkward dimensions and low light levels are less noticeable. Instead of plunking a table and chairs in the dining area, which would eat up floor space, a neat banquette provides a comfortable nook with plenty of space for entertaining and creating a look-at-me feature.

The bedroom is sectioned off from the main living area with drywall panelling. The space only just accommodates a double bed, but clean lines and a low profile keep the room uncluttered, as do neutral tailored bed linens. Hits of jewel-toned red and blue provide warmth and continuity.

Bold, red wallpaper gives the open plan kitchen grand style and adds more impact to the splashes of red here and there throughout the open space. The dark wood cabinets tie in with the TV console in the living space and furniture in the bedroom and wood floors laid in a diagonal create the illusion of more space.





Eye-catching Eclectic
Even a small space can be brightened with splashes of colour. Turquoise and bright red add life and fun to this electric living space.

A plush sofabed is a staple for homeowners who don’t have a spare bedroom. It can be easily converted into a bed when needed. A collection of pouffes provide additional seating that doesn’t take up much floor space. Pouffes are a smart option to accommodate extra people in a small space.

The woven blind offers privacy while letting light in when the family is reading, but thick drapes block the early morning sun from slumbering guests.

The decorating in this small apartment is all about, bringing in intense blues, deep pinks, bright yellows and sparkly accents and brass touches. From rugs and throws pillows, down to the accessories used throughout the space.