Tips on How to Successfully Stage a House for Sale

Use the following tips to help you stage a house successfully.




Bring nature indoors

Comforting, calming and soothing are words often associated with the colours, textures and patterns found in nature. By bringing the elements of nature into your home you can enhance your mood, improve your health and boost your energy.


Add the beauty of wood furniture to a home

At our DIY Divas workshops we often get asked why we use SupaWood for projects rather than wood. When you consider how our natural resources are strained to the limit, using alternative materials allows our forests to re-seed and recover.


Decorating a home with patterns

Decorating with patterns can be confusing... do striped and floral fabrics go together, or can I add geometric designs with stripes? If you need help adding interest with patterns we offer a few valuable tips.


Decorate a double-volume space

When you live in a property that has a double-volume space it's difficult to know what to put on the walls.



Faux log panel for real or faux fireplace

It might not be winter, but whether you have a real fireplace or a faux fireplace surround, adding a log panel to fill up the hearth adds an interesting feature to a room.



How to apply vinyl wall decals

Applying wall vinyl designs to a wall is one way to add interest to a plain wall, or in this case, an empty corner in a room. In this little girl's bedroom, a custom design was printed onto vinyl and then stuck onto the wall.


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Sustainable Christmas trees from the garden

The next time you prune your overgrown trees, think about putting a few select branches to the side to let them dry out. Cut tree branches can be used to make magical Christmas trees for a home, with just a few added fairy lights.


Plywood furniture is big business for kids

Browse the Internet looking for plywood furniture for children's bedrooms and you will come across plenty of designers, many of whom started out as a home-based business and have gone on to become major furniture producing enterprises.


Decor for the decorating-challenged

If decorating doesn't come naturally, and there are plenty of people who find it difficult to select colour and arrange furniture, setting up a beautiful living space can be a nightmare.



Reclaimed decor for a home

Using reclaimed materials doesn't mean going totally rustic in a home, there are many ways to incorporate reclaimed elements into a contemporary, modern or traditional home that add a unique touch.


Set up your first apartment or flat

So you finally decided to spread your wings and leave the nest. It's a big step for anyone moving into their first apartment, so we decided to put together a guide of things you will need and how to go about decorating your first apartment - on a budget !


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Decorate with wall maps wallpaper

We know that wallpaper has made a big comeback in recent years as a result of digital print technology, but one trend that is popping up all over the world is to decorate a space with wall maps.


How to make an upholstered sofa or couch

Anyone with a few basic DIY skills could make this sofa and it's simply a matter of working out the dimensions for your frame, having the board and foam cut, buying your fabric and fitting, and assembling.


Klaffi folding wall shelf

Imagine a shelf unit that can open or close according to the amount of storage you have. The klaffi up/down shelves can be used singly, or you can add more units to create a wall of storage.


Could you live in 16 square metres?

When an old building was converted into apartments, one apartment in particular was designed with a living space that fits neatly into 16 square metres.



Add some bling to your living spaces

Without accessories, a home is pretty much like you would be if you left without any jewellery. Adding bling with accessories is an affordable and fun way to dress up a home for everyday living.


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Panel screens with venetian blinds

If you need to section or close off an area for privacy, or to slip up and open plan space, a panel screen is an affordable option.



Small converted ceiling living space

Now an open-plan one-bedroom apartment, this building ceiling area was converted into a living space. Rustic beams combine with walnut laminated floors and cabinetry to provide a comfortable and stylish rental opportunity.


Trim plain rugs with a fabric border

A trend that is popping up is natural fibre rugs with an added fabric trim border. This is a great way to transform a plain - and affordable - rug into a feature and tie in your existing room decor at the same time.


Build a fireplace surround with mantel shelf

SupaWood, PAR pine and extruded polystyrene moulding are all that you need to make an attractive fireplace surround and mantel shelf for a home. You will find all the tools and materials you need at your local Builders Warehouse.


Pressed ceilings - revived and modernised

Pressed ceilings can be installed in any home to create a dramatic effect and add architectural detailing.



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