Repurpose and upcycle a hot trend

Repurposing or upcycling old furniture and finds has become one of the hottest trends around the world. More and more DIY and craft enthusiasts are discovering the fun in transforming junk and throw-away furniture into practical pieces for a home.


Decorate for less with secondhand finds

Lauren McGrath and her mother, Suzanne co-authored Good Bones, Great Pieces, a decorating book chock-full of sound wisdom regarding how to get your money's worth.



Storage and shelving ideas

Storage and shelving is not just about hiding clutter out of sight, it's also about putting on display. Choosing the right storage or shelving for a home is not only about fulfilling your storage needs, but also enhancing your decorating scheme.


Fireplace makeover with Rust-Oleum

When buying a older home you may end up with a fireplace that doesn't fit in with your decor. Ripping out and replacing a fireplace surround can be time consuming and expensive, but there are other ways to fix up a tiled fireplace surround easily and affordably.


Celebrate in coastal style

Heading down to the coast for the holidays? Don't forget to pack the tree and decorations. It's even worth spoiling the view when you set up the Christmas tree in coastal style, with starfish, seahorses and sailboats.


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Visually enlarge a small apartment or flat

This small apartment defies being cramped by removing most the interior walls to create an open plan living arrangement that is spacious - without the loss of privacy.



Dress up a home for the festive season

There is something so magical about a home decorated for the festive season. Perhaps it's memories of a childhood of experiencing a white Christmas, or joy at the sights and sounds of decorations being hung around the home.


The art of natural living... or living naturally

Capture a world of simple pleasures with natural materials, hand-crafted ceramics, cotton fabrics, the nostalgic scent of old roses and the heavenly aroma of lavender. Whether you call it natural living or living naturally reminds of a past forgotten and a yesterday still longed for.


Get the look for less

Home-Dzine is all about affordable home decor and DIY... about giving your home a makeover for less. Here are a few tips on decorating a home on a budget and saving yourself some money in the process.


Whitewashed walls

Whitewashed walls can either look spectacular or hideous. The trick to whitewashed walls is deciding the best way to whitewash walls to match your personal decor style.



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Decorating solutions for small spaces

As development increases, there is a trend towards smaller apartments and townhouses. Trying to fit all your furniture into a small space can be a nightmare and normally results in downscaling to some degree. How do you fit everything into a small space. Read on...


Mid-century chair makeover

There is nothing more satisfying for me than coming across a cheap bargain at a secondhand store or online auction that I can transform into a beautiful piece of furniture.



New life for old furniture

Starting off in your own place for the first time can be difficult. Even if you haven't bought your own place, you still had to put down a hefty deposit with the first month's rent, which leaves very little left over for buying furniture.


Three uses for canvas dropcloths

Pop into your local Builders Warehouse and you will find a selection of canvas dropcloths in various sizes. In this feature we'll show you how you can use canvas dropcloths for indoor and outdoor decor projects.


Not your average room dividers

As building developers look for ways to reduce the cost of labour and materials, apartments, townhouses and homes are moving towards an open plan design.



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Affordable and awesome room divider

How awesome and clever is this rope room divider. I think this is a fantastic way to section off areas within a home without blocking out light or completely closing off sections.



5 affordable ways to refresh for spring

As the weather warms up and we open windows wide to let cool soft breezes into our homes, it's also perhaps time to take a look around and see what other areas need to be refreshed.



Where to find bargain buys on the Internet

I'm always posting about reclaimed this and repurposed that, but where do you find this stuff. I have mentioned Gumtree and Bid or Buy, but have you visited Moving On?



Transforming a living space

Jenna Halvorsen is a stay-at-home mom who transformed her living space to make it a more comfortable space, and to create a play space for her young son. See how she transforms a living room on a limited budget with a few carefully selected accessories.


Decorate with neutrals

Whether you are decorating for spring, or starting off in a new place, there's no denying that neutrals offer the perfect canvas for any style of decorating.



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