No boundaries - visually enlarging a small space

This small apartment defies being cramped by removing most the interior walls to create an open plan living arrangement that is spacious - without the loss of privacy.


With the interior walls removed, this previously cramped apartment now allows free movement between the living and dining room and other areas in the space, allowing natural light to flow through the open areas.

The open plan kitchen features a small dining area that flows into the living space. Using a neutral backdrop of white and white furniture, this doesn't appear cluttered, but rather offers the illusion of increased space.



The bathroom, previously closed off and a small, cramped space, is now a glassed area open to the bedroom. Having removed the bathroom walls, the dark passage is now airy and light, adding to the overall spacious feel of the renovated apartment.

White walls, white shelving and light wood floors all work together. This type of arrangement would be ideal for the young executive, or young couple starting out in their first property.