5 Ways to add spring to your home

As the weather warms up and we open windows wide to let cool soft breezes into our homes, it's also perhaps time to take a look around and see what other areas need to be refreshed. Living in the same room year after year can become dull and ordinary, and yet it's so simple to spruce up rooms with a few small - and affordable - touches.



It isn't necessary to paint your home every year just to add new colours. There are plenty of other ways to introduce colour, pattern and texture to a room.

1. Think fresh

Freshly cut flowers, whether bought or from your own garden, placed around a room add splashes of colour and liven up the space. A vase of sunny yellow daffodils, scented hyacinth, or meadow flowers instantly revive a dull room.

Here's a fresh take on displaying fresh flowers. Colourful picture frames mounted onto the wall have a small ledge that allows you to display flowers or accessories to suit your mood.


2. Think floral

Recover last year's cushions with a zippered or flap cover and embellish with felt flowers. Buy coloured felt or other nice fabrics and cut out shapes that can be sewn or attached with fabric glue. Or spray paint on your own unique designs.


3. Think fabric

Give dated furniture a new look with casual slipcovers in durable cotton or linen fabric that is one hundred percent machine washable. If you have yet mastered the art of making slipcovers, a bright coloured cotton throw will add just the right amount of texture and colour to a plain sofa. Dress up windows with light cottom fabrics and neutral shades to provide the perfect backdrop for your new decor.




4. Think fashion
Dress your home in the latest fashions with stripes, florals and bold colour. Just a few affordable accessories can easily change the look and feel of any room.


5. Think fabulous
Combine the above elements and you'll refreshed living spaces in no time.