What Is Modern Classic Interior Design?

Everyone is talking about modern classic interior design and its timelessness and ability to merge with our modern lifestyles, but what is modern classic when we look at interior design?


Wide Selection Of Wall Cladding Now Available In South Africa

Wall cladding is an interior design trend that has been floating around for quite some time and there are now wall cladding products available in South Africa if, like me, you love this look.

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Easy & Affordable Ways To Transform Any Wall In A Home

There are plenty of ideas on social media for easily transforming any wall in a home and here are some of my favourite and most affordable solutions.

Apply Hessian or Burlap Fabric to Walls

Fabric has been applied to walls for hundreds of years and applying hessian or burlap is one way to bring warmth and texture to a room at a very affordable cost.

Is Brutalism A Style You Want in Your Home?

If you love concrete elements in the home, you will love the concept of brutalism interior decor. But what exactly is brutalism and what do designers love about this style?

Create a Succulent Arrangement

Here's how to create a long-lasting arrangement for the home using succulents.

Time For a New Look in The Living Room

Spring is in the air and what better time than now to decide it is time for a new look for the living room, especially if you haven't decorated the space for a long time.

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When is it Time to Forget About Trends?

These days everyone sets their watch according to trends but there comes a time when you reach a level that enough is enough - forget about trends!

Add a Few Simple Touches to bring Sophisticated Vibes to Any Room

Decorating a home is not easy if you don't have any idea what you are doing but there is a way to add a few simple touches for a sophisticated room.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Interior Architect

Here are a few reasons why hiring a professional interior architect is the best choice when remodelling a property.

A House of Glass, Mirrors and Light

If you are building or renovating a home, think about how you can incorporate glass and mirrors for a house filled with light.

3 Tips to Breathe New Life into an Old Home

If your property is over 20-years of age, chances are it might need a bit of a facelift and there are more than a few ways to breathe new life into the home, both inside and outside.

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Design Mistakes that make your House look Cluttered

There are some simple decorating tricks that will bring order to your space, making it feel less cluttered, more open, organised, and tidy.

Three Top Decor Trends That Excite Gen Zs

Cebisa Zukelwa, decor trends specialist at Builders has compiled a list of some of the hottest home decor trends favoured by Gen Zs right now.

Clever Ways to Introduce Colour to a Home

Are the rooms in your house starting to feel a little dreary and dull? Try one of these clever ways to add some colour to your home decor.

It's All About Finding a Decorating Style you Love

Is your home a chaos of styles, with furniture from different eras all clashing and nothing that matches? It's all about finding a decorating style you love and bringing your personal touch.

Carpet is the Ultimate Luxury for a Home

I am in the process of re-taking the space used for DIY-Divas back as my lounge, after 15 years of living without it, and asking myself the question, "Should I carpet or not?"

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The Importance Of Balancing Comfort And Elegance In Your Home

When decorating a home, keep in mind the importance of balancing comfort and elegance.

Trends Come and Go and these are the Trends Predicted for 2022

Eye-catching kitchens, functional design, mindful living, and colourful combo are all predicted for 2022 and more.

We Show you How Easy it is to Create a Focal Point

As an important element in interior design, every room needs a focal point that catches the eye as soon as you enter a room.

Setting up a Bar at Home

Social distancing has become a new normal for everyone and if you love to entertain at home, perhaps this might be the best time to think about installing a home bar.

Embracing a More Natural Lifestyle

As we head towards a new year, there is one resolution that we can all think seriously about and that is to embrace a more natural lifestyle.

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How our homes have evolved and What 2022 has to teach us in interior design

Trends are more than a flight of fancy of the world's most powerful brands or popular influencers.

Decorating a Home for Christmas to Start a Family Tradition

When starting out as a family, you will want to establish traditions that will see Christmas becoming a favourite time of the year for you and your loved ones.

Best YouTube Channels for Home Décor and Interior Designing Hacks

Learn about some of the most reliable and popular home décor channels on YouTube where you can go to to find the best tips and inspiration while revamping your home.

Ideas for Hidden Storage Under the Stairs

In a home that has a staircase, making use of the space underneath for hidden storage is an excellent way to have extra storage space for essentials.

Classic furniture: The path from a mansion to an apartment

Through the centuries, classic furniture such as wardrobes, armchairs, sofas, and dressers have retained their appearance and main features.

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The Dark Side: Decorating with Dark Walls

Not everyone likes to decorate their home with white or light colours, many prefer the darker side with moody colours and dark hues.

Metallic Copper Elements for a Modern Home

Timeless and classic, we offer a few ideas on how to bring metallic shimmer to your home with copper accents and accessories.

Decorating a Staircase for High Impact

If the entrance to your home includes a staircase, there are plenty of ways to create an impact by using colour and depth to highlight a staircase without spending a fortune.

Mid Century Modern Interior Design

In this article, we discuss everything you need to know about mid century design, as well as how you can easily redecorate your home by using these tips.

What makes Japandi so attractive for your home design

If you don't know by now, Japandi is a term that has been coined to describe Japanese-inspired design, mixed with Scandinavian minimalism and characterized by simplicity and functionality.

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Retro Living Spaces with Italtile

There is a global trend that highlights long-forgotten eras to bring about a collection of tiles based on cementine and intarsia - designs that have been remastered using inkjet technology.

Balancing Femininity in a Shared Space

In this article, Kim Williams shares her top thoughts on how to balance femininity in your shared space.

Organic Home Interiors You'll Love

Return to a lifestyle that is rooted in organic materials, minimalist decor, yet still manages to convey a sense of calm and a feeling of being in touch with nature.

Design A Home For Relaxed Living

One favourable outcome of the global pandemic is that we have taken cognizance of our lifestyle to incorporate a style that is more relaxed and comfortable.

How To Easily Transform A Home With DIY Wallpaper Installation

With so many different designs to choose from, installing wallpaper on the walls in your home is a good way to bring personality into the space while updating the look.

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Japandi is Taking Interiors by Storm

Here’s why the latest term on design enthusiast’s lips, Japandi is taking interiors by storm.

Update Furniture with Colour Contrasts

If you have a room in your home that feels lacking in detail or comes across as bland and has no personality, try this clever decorating trick to introduce colour contrasts with paint.

Classic furniture: The path from a mansion to an apartment

Through the centuries, classic furniture such as wardrobes, armchairs, sofas, and dressers have retained their appearance and main features.

Is It A Good Idea To Follow Trends?

I often receive enquiries about what's trendy for bathrooms, kitchens or living spaces but is following current trends a good idea?

Add Timeless Elegance to your Home with Crown Moulding

One of the most inexpensive ways to bring timeless elegance into the home is with crown moulding.

DIY home makeover: Inspiration from 5 of Mzansi stars' luxurious mansions

In this article, we have a discussion about the stars and their homes as they have allowed us into them.

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Interior Design Trends We'll See in 2021

While 2020 is a year that everyone wants to forget, it has heralded more than a few interior design trends we are likely to see in 2021.

Decorate the Holiday Home with Christmas Baubles

Christmas baubles are an affordable way to bring Christmas cheer to the home and we have 6 great ideas for using Christmas baubles to decorate both indoors and outdoors.

Decorate Your Home with Boho Colours, Patterns and Textures

If you love a riot of patterns, earthy textures and bold, bright colours, surround yourself with retro vibes in the Boho style.

Effective Instagram Promotion Tips for Interior Designers

We offer some effective Instagram promotion tips for an interior designer.

3 Interior Design Trends for 2021

The lockdown has brought about quite a few lifestyle changes and how we live in our home, but in 2021 we will be seeing some dramatic changes that will affect how we decorate or renovate our homes.

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2020 Interior design trends that won't break the bank

Here are a few budget-friendly interior design trends we all loved in 2020 to give you some inspiration!

Add Zones to your Home for Spatial Balance

Incorporating zoning in our living spaces is an essential tool in achieving a perfect balance between function, form, finesse and flow.

The 4 “Must-Haves” For The Mid-Century Modern Living Room

From retro furniture to vibrant colors and statement lighting pieces, there are so many decor elements you must include in your mid century modern living room.

Make an Entrance! What Can an Entrance Hall Do for You?

If you are one of those home decorators that doesn't have a clue when it comes to designing the perfect room, we share a few interior designer tricks that you can use.

Make an Entrance! What Can an Entrance Hall Do for You?

Entrance halls are not only for grand Hollywood mansions, they offer us a beautiful space to express and introduce the unique identity of our home, as we welcome guests.

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How To Style Instagram-Worthy Bookshelves or Bookcases

If you have a bookshelf or bookcase in your home and are wondering how to style this for best effect, we show you some Instagram-worthy ideas to get you started.

5 Decor Trends You Don't Want In Your Home

Trends have a habit of inspiring us to do things in our homes, only to become out of fashion a few years later - leaving our best intentions looking dated and anything but trendy.

Does Your Home Need A Mzansi Room Rescue?

Does your home need a makeover? Mzansi Room Rescue is here to rescue you from #decorfails

Décor to brighten your life

One of the brighter outcomes of lockdown has been that, as we’ve spent more time in our homes, we’ve become to appreciate that functionality and comfort are just as important as aesthetics.

Modular Home Assembled and Ready in 8 Weeks

Imagine a home from scratch that is assembled and ready to move into in just 8 weeks... that's the Amagansett Modular home.

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Essential Scandinavian Style by Kim Van Rossenberg

Interior Stylist Kim Van Rossenberg fills her interiors with light, natural materials and just a hint of subtle colour to create homes that are the ultimate in living pleasure.

New Trend: Painted Door Frames and Wall Openings

There is a new trend making the rounds... if you don't fancy painting the walls for a splash of colour - why not just paint a door frame!

Moving into a more Relaxed Style of Interior Design

In recent years, the decorating style has trended towards clinical and sterile interiors, but now we are moving into a more relaxed style of interior design for the home.

Feng Shui a Home to attract Positive Energy

If your home is feeling flat and lifeless, perhaps you need to move the furniture around a bit to attract positive energy.

Here’s Why Modular Homes Are Making A Comeback

Modular homes are an affordable option when compared against conventional home building, and especially for those that place importance on their carbon footprint and their environmental impact.

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Make a Room with High Ceilings Feel Cosy

Many homes have high ceilings or a double-volume room that feels empty and in this article, we look at how you can make these spaces feel cosy and more welcoming.

Blend and shade painted furniture

When you take the step to paint a piece of furniture, the first thing you are going to want to do is to find some inspiration to guide you through the process.

The Designer Way to Partition-Off Room Zones

When you need to divide up an open-plan space, you want to do it without having to build walls; why not try these creative ideas for partitioning off zones in an open-plan space.

Modern home building trends

Before you get started your home building construction or renovation project, take time to get inspiration from these trends.

Interior design in 2020 is all about the oasis

Interior design is constantly evolving and changing and there is an annual resurgence that occurs, one that breaks down the past trends to replace them with the fresh interior design innovations.

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How Cargo Containers are Modifying the Norms of Global Urban Living

We take a look at how are shipping containers changing the norms of urban living for everyone.

Using a Mural in Interior Design is the Best Idea – Here is Why?

If a home decorating is in the loop and you are looking out for an idea that can give your wall modern touch along with satisfying your taste and style, then you might check out murals.

5 Design Elements You Need to Remember

What are design principles or elements that seem crucial to the design abstract?

Decorate Your Home for the Festive Season

The festive season is a special time for most of us and decorating the home for Christmas can transform your living room with these expert tips.

Bring Contemporary Feel to an Older Home

Decorating an older home doesn't mean you have to stick to boring interiors when a modern aesthetic is what you want.

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Accessorize with Cushions

Throw cushions are the 'must-have' accessory - they can change the look of a room instantly without having to completely redecorate.

Energize a Plain White Wall

A plain white wall is a perfect canvas for giving your imagination a surface to be creative with art or photographs.

SAOTA establishes its global footprint to Australia

With a global footprint that spans around the world, SAOTA now completes projects in Australia to add to its already impressive portfolio of international projects.

Designing a functional open-plan penthouse

Inhouse Design Studio was asked to create an uber luxurious penthouse with expansive entertainment areas, functional open-plan living and dining spaces.

Home Design Trends To Make A Small Townhouse Look Big

Those who are planning to buy a townhouse must know how to decorate it cleverly to maximise space inside the property.

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Design Makeover for Old Mutual HQ

A sleek and contemporary space that boasts improved functionality and five floors - each with their own aesthetic identity.

Exposed Beams add Architectural Detail

If you are tired of living with flat ceilings, take a look at how exposed beams change the look and feel of a home.

What Your Living Room Décor Says About You

Think about your living room - type or color of paint, flooring type, shape and number of your throw pillows, they quietly say something about your personality.

Design A Smart Home

Want A House That's Out Of A Sci-Fi Film? Get Yourself A Smart Home.

5 retro household pieces that are back

There are some household pieces that we were glad to see the back of and then there are some that are making their way into homes again.

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Decorating the perfect holiday home

The perfect holiday home is one where you feel relaxed and comfortable - from the moment you step foot in the door.

Unusual Architecture around the World

From using 747 aircraft wings to an underground home, we feature some unique and unusual homes around the world.

Trend: Shipping Container Homes

There is a new trend around the globe, and particularly here in South Africa... shipping container homes.

Decorating with Exposed Brick Walls

Plenty of homes have face brick walls that aren't necessarily a feature but you can make the most of exposed brick walls by turning them into a focal point.

First Task Chair With Automatic Tilt

Designed by Berlin-based Studio 7.5, Cosm is Herman Miller’s first task chair with an automatic tilt.

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Add Faux Panelling to Boring Walls

Adding faux panelling to boring walls is an excellent way to introduce a timeless architectural element to a room and you only need a few basic tools to complete the job.

World Class Interiors - The Onyx in Cape Town

Product innovation and heritage combine to create world-class interior construction at the onyx hotel and apartments

Sensual Curves On Trend for 2019

On trend for 2019, sensual curves for upholstered furniture and decor accessories mean that you don't have to sacrifice comfort for style.

Luxe interiors without the price tag!

Bringing a touch of luxury into your home doesn't necessarily mean you have to spend a fortune with these 6 easy tips.

Trend Alert for 2019

From botanical prints to zesty colours, 2019 has plenty of trends to up your mood and give your home a healthy atmosphere.

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Bas Relief Plaster Roses Wall Panel

Marta Kandr is a Russian artist that loves to experiment with a variety of materials, including this absolutely gorgeous bas relief rose panel using plaster.

Perfectly Seamless - Indoors to Outdoors

This beautiful townhouse combines the best of indoor and outdoor living to take advantage of our glorious weather.

Old Barn is converted into a Rustic Dream Home

This converted barn is filled with vintage treasures and salvaged finds and more than a few DIY projects helped turn the barn into a rustic dream home.

Why Casters Are Important For Your Home

A good set of casters installed on that chair would save you from unnecessary labor and reduce the wear on your floor.

Decorate a home for the festive season in Scandinavian style

This year there is a trend to decorate a home for the festive season with Scandinavian style.

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Theme for Decorex

Expect to see more African style and homegrown elements, as these influence the theme for Decorex.

Gold Touches for Festival Of Lights

Jewel tones and gold touches to celebrate the Festival Of Lights to celebrate a modern Hanukkah

Bespoke Carpentry for the home

These days it's hard to come across a carpenter that offers bespoke carpentry designs in a market largely taken over by mass production.

Clever ways to add cement decor to a home

Known for its durability and longevity, concrete has become a popular choice for home decor in so many ways.

Designer coastal style homes

Lynn Morgan Design decorates homes in a crisp, fresh coastal theme with a touch of whimsy.

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Living rooms with exposed brick walls

Love it or hate it... exposed brick walls are still a favourite for adding natural beauty and warmth to a room. 

Luxurious velvet makes a comeback

Straight off the catwalks, velvet is making a comeback and making a grand appearance in homes everywhere.

Production excellence from Wiid Design

Wiid Design in Cape Town focuses on traditional handcrafting and avant-garde techniques to create conceptual and artistic furniture and hard-carved objects.

A home transformed

An outdated home filled with pine panelling is transformed into a bright, spacious home.

Coastal style inspiration

Casual and comfortable coastal style decor for beachfront holiday home.

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Relaxed living in the Berg Valley

Wanting to get away from it all, a young couple was looking to create a 'barefoot retreat' that was casual and relaxed but still offered luxury living.

Luxurious Manor House in Franschhoek

Award-winning design studio, Inhouse, has completed the interior of a privately-owned manor house in Franschhoek in the picturesque Cape Winelands.

Best of Houzz 2018 for Modern Interiors

It's no wonder Britto Charette was once again named as Best of House. Their modern interiors push the boundaries of modern design.

Why you should incorporate patterns

Small or large, busy or quiet, patterns are an essential element when decorating a home.

At home on the beach

This Plettenburg Bay home is built using recycled materials to take in the expansive views of the surrounding area.

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Take a celebrity home tour

Cemcrete were delighted to be commissioned to help finish this South Africa celebrity's home.



Pixel marquetry - stunning design

Kevin Stamper designs a range of furniture inspired by an early morning storm that captures sunlight coming from below the clouds turning them red and purple at the lower edges and blue and black at the further extremes.

Fairmont Penthouse Gets A Sophisticated Treatment

Award-winning interior design studio, Inhouse recently completed a sophisticated treatment for the three-bedroomed, double-storey penthouse apartment of The Fairmont in Sea Point, Cape Town.

House for all seasons

Situated on a cattle farm just outside Memel in the Free State, this home is a retirement dream brought to life with timber frame construction.

A maritime makeover

When leading supply chain management firm, Allport Cargo Services South Africa, sought to redesign the interiors of its Cape Town offices, it looked no further than award-winning design studio, Inhouse.

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Interior design trends for 2018

This year there appears to be a lot of confusion as to what's hot and what's not. We took a look around and put together a selection of top tips for interior design trends for 2018.

Iconic 'Munroe' chair

Furniture Designer, Alexander White, is a designer to watch out for. His iconic 'Munroe' chair is just one of his many designs that are pushing the boundaries.

Inhouse interiors for upmarket development

Award-winning design studio Inhouse was commissioned by the Berman Bros Group (BBG) to design the interiors of a series of two- and three-bedroom apartments situated in a new luxury development located on St John’s Road in Sea Point, Cape Town.

Old home gets a new look

This dilapidated, fixer-upper house gets a new lease on life. It's prime location makes it well worth the investment.

Blushing Home

In line with trends for this year, the HGTV 2017 Urban Oasis shows how beautiful spaces can be filled with whimsical blushing pink, in contrast to different shades of white, blue and black.

At home with the landscape

Architect John Dwyer created a modern masterpiece that sits on the sloped lot and provides an outlook over the forested area, yet this home is woven into the site with a mix of modern and traditional elements.

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The Art of a Feature Wall

If you're looking to add some oomph to a room, think about adding a feature wall. We look at some budget-friendly ways to add a feature wall to a room.

Install a Ceiling Rose

When renovating an older home, create an interesting focal point in a room by adding a ceiling rose.

A hidden gem on the slopes of the Helderberg

Hidden Valley Wine Farm, located on the slopes of the Helderberg Mountain near Stellenbosch in Cape Town, had a brief for luxury cabin accommodation with timber frame construction - for natural aesthetic appeal and environmental considerations.

The stable that became a dream home

For over 200 years, this structure served as storage and stable. Now it's a contemporary dream home.

Off-grid home

Located in the pristine Boschhoek Mountain Estate in Nylstroom, House du Preez was built using timber frame and log profile cladding, not only to tread lightly on its surroundings, but to pay tribute to the earthy landscape it calls home.

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Beautiful Finishes

See how a luxury, 5-star game lodge in Botswana transformed its outdoor and indoor spaces using Cemcrete.

Living Small with Style

Small living has become a way of life, with townhouse and apartments using clever design to maximise on floor space. This modern apartment defines the art of living small.

Suburban apartment goes city chic

A renovation redistributes existing spaces to take advantage of stunning city views.

The Bird House

And you thought your flat was small... This skinny, 3 story home earns its money on Airbnb and has a very interesting floor plan and is filled with unexpected style.

New homes with reclaimed style

Rafterhouse, a US-based design and build company, combine modern building with old fashioned values for homes that are beautifully crafted and filled with reclaimed style.

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Avava Britespace - alternative prefab design

The Britespace is a completely new approach to prefabricated housing and delivers a high quality housing alternative that the average citizen can afford - something we desperately need here in South Africa.

A blurred line between art and furniture

Ever since Frank Lloyd Wright, Charles Eames, and other iconic designers, the line between art and furniture has become blurred.

Luxury treehouse

The Woodsman's Treehouse is a totally private and unique experience set high up in the branches of a veteran oak - a place to recoup, restore and revive.

Outbuildings become a guest cottage

On a remote farm in the heart of the country, an outbuilding is renovated and designed into a warm, rustic guest cottage.

At home in the forest

Blurring the boundary between indoors and outdoors, this home in the forest embraces its surroundings.

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Fixer-upper to fabulous

With its acid-green walls and dated wood panelling, this fixer-upper was renovated to restore old charm and then filled with modern furnishings.

Scandinavian Christmas

With an inherent talent for beautiful home and furniture design, Scandinavian countries are also praised for their wonderful attention to the simple details when decorating their homes for the festive season.

Home updated for family living

Dark, panelled older home is updated into a breathtaking space with modern touch.

Designer ceiling ideas

We share with you a selection of designer ceiling ideas that are used to transform the most beautiful rooms.

Belmond Eagle Island Lodge undergoes a metamorphosis

We take you on a tour through this natural, awe-inspiring setting and show you behind the scenes challenges and pushing of creative boundaries to accomplish this stunning project.

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Smart apartment design

Japanese design turns an open plan apartment into a clever use of available space using partitions.

Ultimate urban man cave!

An unused room turns into the perfect teen hang out... introducing the ultimate urban man cave!

Adventurous home

Tom Kundig's Studhorse design is a family retreat based on a four-structure principle arranged in a campground formation. Kundig wanted the structure to blend with its natural surroundings but still be able to accommodate scorching summers and freezing winters.

A touch of black

This beautiful house shows how a touch of black goes a long way to adding impact and sophistication to a home. Urrutia Design incorporates black throughout the indoor and outdoor spaces.

A love story home

A home is restored as a gift for a wife after 26 years of marriage. With a dream of a home by the sea, a 15-year old home becomes a reality.

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Average house transformation

With a layout typical of many older homes in South Africa, this average house adds on and transforms into the best house on the block.

Where the ocean meets opulence in Clifton revamp

Award-winning interior design firm, Inhouse Brand Architects, recently completed the luxurious refurbishment of an Atlantic seaboard apartment on Cape Town’s exclusive Clifton Beach.

Tiny home trend

Tiny homes are no longer just a fad as TV shows reveal how tiny living not only reduces carbon footprint, but also allows you to live small in style.

Stuck for decorating ideas?

If you are having a hard time deciding how to go about improving your home, or stuck for decorating ideas, we borrowed some inspiration that will help inspire you.

Comfortable woven furniture

Who would have thought that furniture could be designed with knitted textures and woven designs. Patricia Urquiola's Mangas range mimics the look and feel of your favourite sweater.

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Pod-idladla is a sustainable, locally designed nano-home

Designed and manufactured in South Africa, pod-idladla is a prefabricated nano-home design that allows you to order a bare minimum shell or go for a fully kitted deluxe interior.

Ellen's Design Challenge Season 2

If you can't wait the watch the 2nd season of Ellen's Design Challenge, here's a site where you can live stream the entire season. It's also a great opportunity to see designers in action using the latest power tools and techniques.

The world's most beautiful tables - furniture or art?

There are some amazing table designs that could quite easily be confused with pieces from an art gallery. Combining natural materials, or a combination of tools and technology, these are some of the most beautiful tables in the world.

1920's home gets a modern outlook

Falling in love with an older home generally means that you have plenty of work to do. Some homes may even require a complete interior and exterior renovation, and this renovation is a perfect example.

At home in an eco-estate

Simbithi Eco-Estate is nestled in a lush region situated between Ballito and Salt Rock on the Dolphin Coast. Building a home in this prestigious estate requires attention to detail to ensure designs are eco-friendly and blend with the natural landscape.

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Furniture designed for small spaces

Müller, a family business based in Germany, designs and manufactures modern plywood furniture in a variety of designs with emphasis on space-saving concepts.

Decorating an older home

When decorating an older home you don't always want to remove and replace original features. In some of these homes just a few cosmetic details add light, a feeling of space, and modern updates on a moderate budget.

Making your home a little more eco-friendly

As we embrace green living, from smart purchases to making the effort to reuse, repurpose and recycle, now is as good a time as any to incorporate green touches to a home.

Renovated 1950s property becomes spacious home

The original footprint of this 1950s house needed an update. A love of midcentury design steered the home owners and designer to work around a brief to to layer contemporary details and midcentury elements.

PPC Imaginarium Awards call for entries

After the resounding success of the 2015/16 awards, where 47 finalists were chosen to exhibit, PPC announces an official call to entry for the 2016/17 awards.

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New Fiesta range of fabrics

Summer might be coming to a close, but that doesn't mean you can't carry on the fun! The new Hertex range of fabrics will definitely add texture, pattern and colour to any home - summer or winter.

Warm wood home design

The use of timber for construction means less energy and less emissions where indigenous, sustainably managed timber is used.

Modern architecture using concrete and wood

These modern concrete and wood homes incorporate architecture and design that relates to the surrounding landscape.

Furniture for the home that is low cost and practical

Matchbox manufactures a range of furniture that centres around products that are basic and practical. Products offer a design that excludes unnecessary detail for simple, low-cost, good quality products.

Modern design meets rustic elements

With the continuing trend for using reclaimed materials for furniture and accessories a new decorating style has emerged known as Modern Rustic. Here are some tips on pairing modern design with homemade rustic furniture.

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Cemcrete Project of the Year

Cemcrete's Project of the Year is a modern home located in Johannesburg that is designed to integrate simplicity, plenty of natural light, and the use of natural materials and contrasting textures.

Festive decorating ideas

If you still haven't got round to setting up the Christmas tree and hanging your holiday decorations we share some of our favourite decorating ideas.

Alternative Christmas with Jubiltree

The Jubiltree is a modern and environmentally conscious alternative to the fake Christmas tree and one that you can make on your own.

Cliff house... An alternative and fast method of construction

The client was looking an alternative and fast method of construction with emphasis on sustainability. This design looks at getting the most out of the building as concerns energy conservation, coupled with green Architecture that has a modern 21st century spin.

Divinus... A table made from recycled material

The idea behind Divinus was to design a product made using everyday waste material that would allow the user to take part in its construction, and invite them to simply and creatively experience the concepts of sustainability.

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Give your walls a new look

There are plenty of ideas for giving walls a new look with bold and vibrant designs for feature walls. Here are some innovative wall ideas with 'wow' factor.

Ottoman folds out into single bed

Here's an idea that could become popular for small homes... an ottoman that folds out into a single bed. All it takes is an enterprising entrepreneur to conceptualise the idea for local distibution.

The future of South Africa’s cities - ArchitectureZA

How can architects and designers shape South Africa’s urban landscape for positive social change and economic development?

Add colour, pattern and texture with fabrics

Every home needs to incorporate colour and pattern; whether it's introduced by fabrics, rugs, wallpaper or accessories. Fabrics are a wonderful way to add colour, pattern and texture to a home - for any season and decor style.

Ideas and inspiration from Ikea

We might not have Ikea stores in South Africa, but that doesn't mean we can't take inspiration from the new range of furniture and accessories.

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Keep your home cool in summer in shades of blue

If you decorate using colour psychology as your guide book you will know that blue is a colour that cools and soothes. We put together a collection of blue room; from bathrooms to living rooms, blue is perfect for our hot summers.

Kaspar Hamacher's Ausgebrannt

Belgian designer, Kaspar Hamacher, loves his axe, chainsaw and working with wood, and using these tools and materials he has designed handcrafted furniture that is anything but ordinary and takes inspiration from nature.

Restored rustic farmhouse

A dilapidated farmhouse is renovated and restored using indigenous materials found in the surrounding areas, and decorated to create a cosy home full of personality.

Claire-Anne O'Brien Knit Stools

After finding fame way back in 2010 with her quirky knit stools, Claire-Anne now lives and works in London producing textiles for furniture, space and suppliers.

X-Table - a desktop for two!

All it takes is three pieces of pine to make up this table without nails or fasteners. Assemble and dismantle in an instant and adjust the design to suit your requirements.

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Love Your Home with Builders magazine editions

If you haven't yet seen the Builders 'love your home' mini-magazines these are definitely worth a peek. Each edition is packed with DIY projects, advice and helpful tips for decorating and home improvement projects.

Trend alert... Memphis design

When researching for decor trends one name keeps popping up again and again... Memphis. But what is Memphis style and where does it originate?

Designer Beanhome

Beanhome offer a range of highly versatile furniture that appeals to the homeowner looking for pieces that are practical and timeless, with simple lines and use of modern materials.

Wallpaper panels

Wallpaper can be expensive, especially imported and designer brands. But here's how you can use wallpaper in small quantities to fill framed panels.

Naturally modern wood homes

Wood is beautiful and warm and nature's building material that can be used indoors and outdoors. Sustainably sourced hardwoods can be expensive, but last generations when maintained properly.

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Decorative ceiling ideas

Decorating a ceiling has become just as much a part of interior design as decorating walls, whether it is installing a seamless plastered ceiling, or a more decorative technique.

Cover up popcorn or textured ceiling

I know that there are many homes, mine included, that have popcorn ceilings. Double-storey or homes with a concrete slab loft are often finished off with a popcorn plaster. Here's how to cover up a popcorn or textured ceiling.

DIY approach to knockdown furniture

As our natural resources become increasingly scarce, we need to look at alternative ways to make use of less. Using less is just as beautiful, as can be seen with the Knockdown range from Louie Rigano.

Architecture ZA

South African cities are experiencing a growing influx of people which has a massive impact on the quality of urban life. According to the Worldbank, South Africa’s urban population for 2013 was a staggering 64%.

Shipping container = garden room

An empty shipping container is turned into a garden retreat with floor-to-ceiling sliding windows, air conditioning and comfortable seating. The roof of the container is planted up to soften the hard steel edges.

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Living that's natural and relaxed

Vera Lachia designs homes in Portugal that not only reflect a more relaxed lifestyle, but also incorporate the use of natural materials and contemporary style that's fresh and extraordinary.

50 Shades of grey

With the movie 50 Shades of Grey due to hit the circuit this weekend to tie in with Valentine's Day it seemed appropriate to look at how shades of grey don't have to be bland but can inject just as much personality as other neutral shades.

Green design ideas for modern living

Eco friendly design options, sustainable building materials, move towards a greener lifestyle - these are all considerations for today's modern home. Homes should use less energy and offer a comfortable, healthy environment for the occupants.

Scandinavian style

Scandinavian design continues to feature in homes as interior designers and home decorators draw inspiration from this understated, modern and elegant style.

Coastal style - a home vacation

Why bother going on holidays when you live in a home decorated in coastal style. This casual and comfortable style of decorating allows you to sit back, kick off your shoes and relax... in your own home!

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Living in full colour

These beautiful homes and apartments show how easy it is to add colour without overpowering the senses. From Bohemian - boho - style to modern minimalist, colour can be used to express your individual personality and style, or to turn a sterile setting into a delight for the eye. 

Create a romantic home

Talk about creating a romantic home and the first things that pop into mind are frills and lace. But a truly romantic home is not about adding pretty flounces and an abundance of floral fabrics, it's more about creating an atmosphere is that is soft without being overly feminine.

Decorate a holiday home

Whether you fully own your holiday flat or apartment , or rent out the apartment when not in use, you will want to fill the space with furniture and accessories that not only add elegance and style but also create a space that is comfortable and relaxing.

Decor trends

While I am a big believer in decorating according to personality and style preference, it's always nice to know what décor analysts are predicting for the year ahead and to keep my finger on the pulse of what is happening in the world of interiors.

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Modern African-themed interiors

While previously only reserved for hotels, high-end interiors and upscale game lodges around the world, the trend for African design influences can now be found in homes around the world, as interior designers add exotic touches.

SA designed home on sale in London

World-renowned South African designer Stephen Falcke, whose commissions include the Royal Palace of Monaco, the Saxon Boutique Hotel and the De Vinci Hotel, has created a unique interior whose hallmarks are style, luxury and comfort.

Staircases with style and flair

When your home is a double-storey or more, a staircase is a main element. It might be tucked away in a corner, but at the end of the day any staircase takes up a lot of space and grabs a lot of attention.

Driftwood decor ideas for a home

If you are heading down to the coast for your annual holiday and are lucky enough to walk along the beach and stumble across some driftwood, here are some stunning ideas for adding driftwood decor to your home - and bringing back a remembrance of your holiday.

A look at interior decorating today

It used to be that we had to buy home décor magazines to find inspiration for our homes. If those didn’t deliver what we wanted, book shops or even the library were paid a visit. The services of an interior decorator were reserved for the rich and the famous.

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Comfortable chair for reading, working, study and storage

Ever so often you come across a piece of furniture that is simple yet ever so practical. This reading chair is one of those. Designed to be an all-in-one chair that can be used not just for seating, but as a storage for books as well - I can so see myself making one of these chairs.

Modern face brick interiors

Who said face brick is dated and old fashioned? Some of today's modern home still feature face brick as part of the design. And you only have to look at some of these divine interiors to know that face brick doesn't have to be old fashioned!

Chic modern all-white interior

This modern apartment, decorated in all-white with splashes of colour here and there, goes to show that you can combine secondhand style with vintage pieces for a modern look that is sophisticated and chic.

Jeeves and Wooster hat lights

And you thought top hats and bowler hats were out of fashion - think again! Some ingenious designer has come up with the idea of using top hats and bowler hats as contemporary pendant and table lamps... what a novel idea.

Decorate in pink and blue

If you are looking for a way to add a touch of soft summer colour to your home, think about combining pink and blue.

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Eclectic style in vintage home

With its mix of furniture and fabrics, this vintage home is the epitome of eclectic style. Antique pieces share the space with secondhand and bargain furniture in a variety of styles from Moroccan to Victorian.

Classic style in black and white

Decorating with black and white is timeless and elegant and enhances architectural fittings and features in any home. This sophisticated home is filled with detail, pattern and texture.


Dark house to modern, bright family home

Skylights, painted ceilings and wall panelling transform a previously dark space into a beautiful home that is filled with light and colour. This iconic Joseph Eichler design becomes a modern, family home.


Colourful home interiors

Interior Designer Nick Olsen uses unexpected colour combinations to create upbeat interiors. He's also a DIY enthusiast and uses a DIY approach to achieve stylish, expensive touches rather than pay over-the-top fees charged by the pros.


Family home filled with comfort and style

This home goes to show that you can have a beautiful family home that is stylish and comfortable to live in.

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Decorate a holiday or vacation home

For those who own or have part-share in a holiday or vacation home, you'll want to decorate in a style that suits your personal lifestyle.


A home in touch with nature

Originally designed by renowned architect Charles Moore, Urrutia Design took full advantage of the natural site location of this property to design and renovate a home that now flows seamlessly into the surrounding landscape.


Cool interiors for hot summers

If you're looking for a decorating style that is comfortable and refreshing, then it's time to take a look at Scandinavian decor.


A look at South African interior designers

A Home-Dzine we do regular features on various international interior designers, but in this feature we take a look at a selection of local (proudly South African) interior designers and some of their previous projects.


Interior design that is playful and bold

There is a long-held belief in the design community that the style of a house should dictate the style of decor But, in truth, a juxtaposition between the decor and architecture can often lead to far more interesting results.

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Cape Town home features raw finishes

Galvanized steel, cast concrete, zinc roofing and an abundance of hard- and softwoods form the foundation for a Cape Town home that hugs the cliffs in Bantry Bay. Designed by architects SAOTA in collaboration with Antoni Associates.


Romantic style and modern living

This gorgeous home is filled with a sense of romance from bygone days. Recently updated, the home features natural materials from plastered walls to stone floors and wood-beam ceilings. If you thought that plain walls were boring, think again...


Living the dream - South African design/build

Catering for the growing needs of a family, the Lenrock Showhouse illustrates how living the lifestyle you thought you may only ever dream of, can be an everyday reality.


Interiors with crisp lines and smart colours

You only have to look at a single interior designed by Robert Kaner to understand how easily form, function and colour can so easily work together to create modern living spaces that are comfortable and warm.

Interiors that are timeless and elegant

With a philosophy to create timeless, emotionally evocative interiors, designers McAlpine Booth and Ferrier are internationally acclaimed for their work.

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Rustic homes using reclaimed materials

This divine Swedish apartment is decorated in pure whites throughout. The effect is a small space that feels spacious and has a fairytale atmosphere. Clever layering of textures and a few subtle splashes of colour here and there make the rooms feel anything but sterile.

Miles Redd - Designer extraordinaire

Miles Redd is known for his quirky brand of cosy glamour. His unique aesthetic vision is characterized by playful mélanges of high and low, invigorated with whimsical splashes of colour and modern gestures.

Fresh approach to coastal style

This home takes a fresh, approach to coastal style decor with its pale jewelled-toned hues, touches of gold and modern layout. This is a home decorated with contemporary art as well as vintage and antique pieces.

Modern home with warm wood accents

Designed by Artistic Designs for Living, this modern Mill Valley home is filled with beautiful wood accents that fill this home with warmth and atmosphere. Recreate the look in your own home.

Living room remodel

Giving your living space a makeover it not just about slapping on a coat or two of paint. It's also about careful planning and putting together a budget that allows you to buy what you need, or put your DIY skills to good use and save a bit here and there to afford a few luxuries.

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What does your home colour say about you?

There is more to colour than what you see; colour is also an experience, an emotion, a feeling or a desire that starts as a neural signal along the optic nerve of the eye.

Gorgeous designer homes

One of my passions is to take a peek into designer homes to see what trends are popping up. These gorgeous homes immediately caught my eye - not only for their modern or contemporary design, but also for the use of vibrant colours and stunning photography.

Beautiful home interiors

Known for mixing classic and modern elements with bold colours, Willey Design brings together an elegant blend of sophistication and irreverence to interiors.

Introduce colour to your home

So many homeowners are afraid to add bold, bright colour to their home. You want to, but are too afraid to take the next step. There are many ways to overcome the fear of adding colour to your home and this article looks at various options for adding just a splash of colour .

What is a mood board

Many home decorators have used a mood board when planning to decorate a room or home, but for those of you who don't know what a mood board is, this article will provide a bit more information and hopefully get you started on making your own mood board.

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Decorate a home with neutral colours

A neutral backdrop of colour allows you to decorate a home in so many ways. Neutrals create an atmosphere that is calm and soothing, with a timeless sophistication that only these shades can achieve.

Christmas with Swedish flair

I love how the Swedes transform the most basic furnishings into a glamorous affair. They are the masters of living simple with flair. While the French love to add a touch of gilding here and there, only the Swedes can make basic look beautiful.

A home decorated in white

It might not be practical for me to decorate my home in white, but I long for the day when there's no more dust and the kids have moved out...! This beautiful home is decorated in white from top to bottom, showing that it is possible to have a beautiful white home.

Emerald - Pantone colour of the year for 2013

Most often associated with brilliant, precious gemstones, the perception of Emerald is sophisticated and luxurious. Since antiquity, this luminous, magnificent hue has been the colour of beauty and new life in many cultures and religions.

Fresh, cool mint green decor

The name alone is enough to conjure up images of freshness. This is one colour that definitely cools down hot interior spaces and add a new level of cool as mint Green provides a refreshing space that is welcomed in the hot summer months.

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Beautiful Shabby Chic style

Timeless. Romantic. Comfortable. Nostalgic. All these and more describe Shabby Chic style - a style that continues to be a trendy and affordable way of decorating your home.

Reclaimed materials an integral part of design

Reclaimed materials, particularly lumber products, are definitely becoming the material of choice for many architects and designers around the world. I wanted to show how reclaimed materials are incorporated into modern home design, without having a 'log cabin' look.

Vintage modern decorating style

If there is one decorating style that is becoming increasingly popular at the moment, it's vintage modern. It's a decorating style with a fondness for yesteryear, a love of collecting items that have an aged appeal and history of their own.

Decor is looking up

While pressed ceilings might not be making a dramatic comeback, there's no denying that some homes look gorgeous with pressed ceilings.

Laid back living

Transport yourself to a place where living is simple and laid back is just a way of life. A visual tapestry of a home that is comfortable and relaxed, where nature is embraced and natural materials define the pace.

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Give any room a makeover

I receive numerous requests about room makeovers and where you would start if you wanted to give a room a makeover. The easiest way to start any room makeover is to remove all the furniture and work with a blank slate - or empty room.

Decorating with denim

Add denim decor to your decorating scheme for a touch of playfulness and to introduce texture into a room setting. Denim walls add instant fun to a coastal retreat or urban loft. Grab a friend and transform a wall in your home!

Be inspired by designer rooms

Jeffers Design Group creates luxurious but livable homes. Spaces with soul and atmosphere. Rooms that feel collected over time. JDG seamlessly marries interior architecture and design, and works in close collaboration with clients' architects to achieve a cohesive vision of home.

Design by Vanessa De Vargas

Energetic and ingenious Vanessa De Vargas is a designer and decorator, specializing in the restoration of heirloom and vintage furniture pieces. Her interior design firm, Turquoise, is a reflection of the chic innovation that makes her work so unique within the market.

Design that is clean and fresh

It's so nice to come across a designer that likes to keep rooms clean and fresh. So often interior designers tend to go over the top in an effort to impress clients, with an overall results that can appear overdone.

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Interiors by Melissa Collison

Australian interior designer, Melissa Collison, is recognised for her glamorous residential projects. A trademark attention to detail, brave use of colour and texture, and penchant for mixing objects of different styles, eras and cultures are characteristic of her style.

Iconic designers of the 20th century

Call it iconic furniture or cultural icons, there is no denying that there have been furniture designers from the late 19th and early 20th century that have taken furniture design to a level that elevates it and is still sought after in the 21st century.

Sustainable design for homes and interiors

The Hillside House is a statement of what is possible combining high design with sustainability. This modern home has received Platinum LEED certification.

Are you ready for pattern?

Many first-time decorators find the thought of using patterns in the home a little daunting. It's a bit like using bold colour for the first time. It can be scary because you're not sure if you are doing it right. .

Focus on interior designer Samantha Pynn

View examples of room transformations that take place during her new show, as well as rooms that Sam has designed plus a few tips on the various projects done within the rooms.

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Simple designs by Roberto Gil

Roberto Gil calls his designs 'practical minimalism'; a straightforward approach that places functionality and the efficient use of materials well above stylistic considerations.

Man's guide to decorating

We tend to concentrate on a woman's point of view when it comes to decorating a home, but there are more than a few male readers who want to know how to go about decorating a home, flat or apartment.

Why you love certain colours

There has been a lot of research into the psychology of colour and more and more studies conducted that reveal new information about how colour impacts our lives.

Coastal decor for elegant homes

Jennifer Mabley has worked in the field of interior design for over 15 years. Her design projects range from high-end Manhattan apartments to estate homes and cottages in the Hamptons.

A home decorated with pastel shades

Ana Antunes has decorated her home in pastel shades, and while this might not be your cup of tea, and is definitely not a home for children, I really do think it looks absolutely gorgeous.

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Designed to impress

As an architectural practice that is well renowned throughout the African continent, Nico van der Meulen Architects supplies creative solutions that are customised to suit each client’s personal requirements.

Luxurious design without compromise

The goal was to create a serene, luxurious retreat where the home owners can relax and unwind using healthy products that don't compromise luxurious design.

Interiors by Willey Design

Comfort and function are essential components of every design, with practical details carefully observed and orchestrated.

Designs by Katie Ridder

She is known for her striking balance between style and discretion, and her projects combine comfort, practicality, sophisticated colour, while taking architectural surroundings into consideration. Her work is feature in The New York Times, Elle Decor and House Beautiful.

The art of using accent colour

Think of accent colours as the finishing touch to a newly decorated room. Without them a room would be bland and uninspiring.

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Deck and beach bar constructed of reclaimed pallets

We have seen reclaimed pallets used for all types of projects from outdoor patio furniture to children's beds. Japanese designer David Guarino used reclaimed pallets to construct an entertainment deck and beach bar at Morito Beach in Japan.

Add nailhead trim to furniture

One of the hottest design trends to appear this year, is the use of upholstery pins on upholstered furniture. By using nailheads - or upholstery pins - you can create a new dimension to your upholstered pieces.

What's your decor style

Never static, design styles are constantly changing. According to Diamond Baratta Design, "All the design rules we had 20 years ago are important; it's like learning the classics. But those design rules, basically, all have to get thrown in the garbage or you're not growing."

How to decorate a small home

When it comes to small spaces, smart storage is key. An uncluttered home is a spacious home and you will be amazed at some of the storage ideas we show below.

Diamond Baratta - Dynamic Duo

Over the past three decades, William Diamond and Anthony Baratta [Diamond Baratta Design] have designed hundreds of one-of-a-kind residences in the United States and abroad.

Make your floors a feature

If there is one element in every home that deserves a little more attention, it's floors. While walls, furniture and accessories are essential in decorating a room - without the right flooring you might as well not bother.

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Not so shabby - but definitely chic

If you are looking to decorate your home in a style that is relaxed and comfortable, a style that welcome and makes you feel instantly at home - then Shabby Chic is definitely a style you will love.

Style tips for every home

So you've finally settled on a design style that you love. What now? The next step is to implement that style and make it a part of your home. But how do you do that? Here are some style tips to help you achieve that new look:

Add a touch of spring to your home

Whatever your decorating problem, there's an affordable answer. Why not live in a little luxury? Make up for what your rooms lack and refresh your place with a little thought, a little effort, and some of these budget-friendly ideas!

Decorate a home for the holidays

Looking for new ideas and inspiration to add a unique touch to your home this festive season? We've found plenty of craft and decor projects for you to try out:

It's all in the details

If it's time to give your home a new look, or restore an older home - on a small budget - a fresh coat of paint or new window treatments can go a long way. Another affordable option is to add some architectural interest to the rooms in your home with cornice, crown moulding and trim.

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An entrance to remember

When welcoming guests into your home you want to make a big impression - a "wow" moment - something that they will remember long after they have left, and possibly even want to duplicate in their own home!

Decor Designer - Tobi Fairley

Inspired by her wonderful rooms, Tobi Fairley show us just how easy it is to incorporate colour in a way that is fresh and inviting - and perfect for summer decorating.

Decorate hallways and passages

There are many homes out there that suffer from hallways and passages that are long, thin, narrow, short or square. They are the least thought of design element and all too often seem to be a problem area when it comes to decorating.

Designing your own interiors

We all want to have a beautifully decorated home and on home design TV shows, interior designers seem to wave a magic wand and ... hey presto! However, behind the scenes is not as magical as it looks.

Light or dark floors?

Light or dark flooring provides completely different looks and you should consider carefully before selecting the right or wrong flooring for a home.

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Give your home a designer look

We've all seen design shows on the TV and I'm sure that many of you have wondered how to duplicate the look in your own home. Interior designers have a way of effortlessly creating beautiful environments on design, but in actual fact they have learned by experience.

What colour should I paint the ceiling?

The most obvious answer is white, but does every ceiling have to be white. Can you not paint the ceiling in other colours, or add a texture finish?

Decorating open plan living spaces

I often receive decor enquiries from homeowners that are unhappy with their combined living spaces but have no idea where to start to make the spaces flow and work together. Here's hoping that this article will provide tips and guide you.

Repair and restore secondhand bargain

I love browsing through second hand shops. It's a fun way to find furniture and decor accessories that you wouldn't find in your local shopping mall.

International design trends

Let's take a glimpse at trends happening around the world to see the latest in international decorating and design.

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Designing a home for a family

Leading architects are starting to see not just in design in itself, but reflective also in music and culture, that people are trying to be more optimistic. We see this in colour trends, where colours have moved from a neutral, earthy palette to more invigorating, vibrant colours.

Common mistakes to avoid

Many homeowners jump right in and start slapping on the paint, but think carefully before you proceed. There are things to do and not to do when decorating and furnishing a home...

Turn a house into a home

When renovating a house into a home, those that have previously tackled this type of project know how even the simplest home project seems to take on a life of its own.

Transform bad features into good design elements

Chances are that sooner or later there are going to be a few likes and dislikes when buying a new home. While some are easily fixed, others can be disguised or transformed into a feature to transform a bad feature into good design.

Organic touches for a home

Nothing adds more glamour or warmth than the use of natural materials in a home; the rich earth tones of natural stone, the endless possibilities for using concrete, or the glimmer or copper and stainless steel.

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Elements of coastal style

 All those days spent at the beach basking under the warmth of the sun, the salt water lapping at your feet as you walk over the hot white sands. This style of coastal decor is reflected in the purity of seaside beauty, as you can see in the clean, simple lines and designs.

Know the different upholstery fabrics

When upholstering furniture for a home a good basic knowledge of the various types of upholstery fabrics is a must.

Add some glamour

Glamour. It speaks to us of precious metals, exotic woods, custom furnishings, and fabrics plucked directly off the Silk Road. It’s opulence. It’s elegance. But surprisingly, it’s also within reach.

Using colour to your advantage

With a few tricks of the trade you can use colour to your advantage when decorating spaces that are too small, too high, too cold, etc.

Decorating a rental home

Not everyone lives in a home of their own. And it's not that people who rent don’t want to have a space to call their own, or even that they don’t have the budget; it's that they don’t know what they can do to decorate.

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Is sustainable design possible?

There seems to be a conflict in decorating and staying true to sustainable values. On the one hand, you want to stay green and do what’s good for the earth. But somehow, that doesn’t seem to go along with buying drapes and a new rug.

Interior design for small spaces

Whether it's a matter of personal choice, or due to limited budget, there are many homeowners who occupy small spaces. Here are some brilliant ideas that I have come across for decorating small spaces.

Are you timeless or trendy?

Timeless design, not keeping up with the latest trends, makes for sustainable design that need not change from year to year. But does timeless mean tradition? Can you be timeless but cool and funky at the same time? And what is timeless, anyway?

One room - 3 different looks with colour

Southern Living transformed one room using paint colour and accessories to give three completely different looks, showing just how much difference colour can make to any room in a home...

Love the home you live in

Today, I was thinking about ways I have found over the years to be happy at home, even when it was far from ideal. Because, let's be honest, a home is a place to set down your roots, raise a family and grow old.

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Add a splash of black!

One of my favourite colour schemes is black and white. Just like upscale social events, black and white interiors are elegant, timeless and oh so stunning! They are also great for spaces where you want to emphasise clean, sophisticated lines.

Elegant coffered ceilings

Coffered ceilings are among the most elegant and stately of ceiling designs. Plus, they are more customizable than you may realise and help insulate against sound and noise pollution.

Designing with colour

I know it's still winter, but here's a touch of spring colour to liven the spirit and get those creative juices flowing and the paintbrushes ready. Now is the perfect time to think about decorating not only the exterior of a home - but the interior as well.

Elements of traditional design

When decorating a traditional home where the emphasis is on creating a classic look, combine a muted decorating scheme with elements that transform rooms from plain to downright interesting.

Mix it up

Whilst matching furniture on display looks great in a store - or even in a magazine - don't be tempted to do the same at home, unless you specifically want monochromatic minimalistic only-one-colour interiors.

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Lessons in design styles

Check out these stunning living room design styles that range from contemporary to traditional.

Adding texture to design

Believe me, if you’d have told me a week ago I’d be making pillows out of bath mats and accent rugs, I’d have laughed uncontrollably, then buried my head in shame and embarrassment under a real pillow for days! But sometimes, inspiration comes from the strangest sources ...

Designing with white

White is by far the most popular colour for interior decorating. Why? Is it because it is the colour of joy, hope, innocence and cleanliness. Or that it represents purity, optimism and enlightenment. Regardless of what’s in fashion, no colour is more universally favoured.

What is a focal point?

Want to bring your decorating scheme together? Heard designers banging on about focal points and wondering what it means? Here, we reveal all and show you how.

Adding tablescapes

While you may be hard pressed to locate the precise definition of 'tablescape' in a dictionary, when in the context of home decor a tablescape refers to all of the decorating elements that you amass on a table to create a vignette (arrangement).

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How eclectic are you?

Many of today's furniture stores offer an all-in-one shopping experience where you can coordinate any room in the home in modern, traditional, and even shabby chic. But what if you prefer a more personal, eclectic look for your home?

Creating a feature wall

For day-to-day living - and certainly if you need to sell your home – neutral walls just make sense. But sometimes sensible just feels a bit, well, plain. If you want to make more of a statement, a feature wall may be the answer.

Using feng shui in interior design

Transform your life with feng shui changes to your home! Choose the area to improve and see what decorating fixes enhance the chi of your space.

Need help to decorate your home?

Decorating paralysis can happen to the best of us. The main symptom: the inability to tackle and finish a design project in your home.

Elements of design help with style sense

Sometimes it seems as if what constitutes good design is purely subjective. One home may reflect a look that is French Provencal, while another will tend more towards ultra modern.

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Adding architectural detail

Here are some ideas If you're restoring an older home to its original condition, or thinking about improving your home by adding architectural details and trim.

Top 7 General Guidelines of Designing a Home

There are some general guidelines for designing home in a proper way.

Beach Themed Rooms and How To Achieve This Great Look

How do you get started on achieving a relaxing beach-themed room?

Interior Design Trends: 6 Ideas to Try

From accents to lines and colors to material, here's a slew of things that we can all expect to conquer the homes next year.

5 Easy and Cheap Tips to Make Your Home More Peaceful

If your home is not the peaceful place you want it to be, fret not - there are cheap and easy ways to create a sanctuary right where you live.

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How to Start Interior Design Business

An interior design business will enable you to blend your innovativeness with business expertise for designing functional spaces for different types of customers and earn a living from doing what you adore as well.

Is It Necessary To Hire An Interior Designer?

Do you really need the service of interior designers?

7 Ways To Transform Your Living Room With Color

There are many ways for you to turn your living room into a new place when you add color.

Where to Start When Creating Your Dream Living Room

We have created this mini-guide to help you in creating your dream living room.

5 Ways to Make Your House Look Luxurious

We have a few tips and tricks so you can make your home appear showroom ready - cheaply and simply with a little cash and some elbow grease to get the desired results.

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Steps to Launch Your Interior Design Business

The business of interior design is filled with possibilities for emerging and established interior designers.

3 Cheap and Foolproof Ways To Make Your Home Look Expensive

There are a number of tips and tricks which can make your home look much more expensive than it actually is.

How to Design Small Spaces Using Wooden Furniture?

Below are some key elements that can simply improve your small space design.

5 Tips To Designing The House You Have Always Dreamed Of

In this article are 5 tips that can help you unleash your creative design into your dream home.

6 Unique Ideas to Redecorate Your Home's Exterior

If you need help with your home's exterior redecoration, but are finding it hard to come up with good ideas, then this article should help you.


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6 Stand Out Design Features of New York Apartment Rentals

New York City's apartment rental scene is just as unique and special as the city itself, and in fact, includes a number of stand-out design features that you may want to keep an eye open for.

Unique Renovation Options to Make Your House Feel Cozier

Consider these unique renovations for your house that will make it a cozier home for you and your family.

How to Become a Successful Interior Designer

In this article, we take a look at several things you need to do to become a successful interior designer.

Vastu Ideas for Home Decoration

The close connection to nature is what makes Vastu what it is and the importance of it cannot go unnoticed due to the positivity and harmony that it bestows to each and every home.

How to Add a Touch of Luxury to Your Home

Make sure that you invest in key elements that will help you achieve that sophisticated look in your home.


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How to pick the right interior landscape designer

It would be wise to retain professional plant hire services if you want an aesthetic appeal that will speak of your style and opulence.

Amazing Homes with Mid Century Modern Benches

Elegant mid-century modern benches offer a sturdy and sleek look that tends to compliment the decor of any room and can also serve as an accent to other pieces of furniture.

5 Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid

We list the top five mistakes people generally make with their home decor and how to fix them.

5 Reasons Why Minimal Home Style Is Popular

Read on to find out about how to style your home minimalistic, and why many people choose to do so.

3 Easy Ways an Atlanta Designer Improves a Living Room

Sometimes a small but noticeable change or addition can completely improve the vibe of your living room and give it a new look.


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How to Create a Harry Potter-Inspired Home

Let’s take a look at how you can create a Harry Potter-inspired home.

Botanical Themed Wallpaper Helps Soften Hard Architectural Lines

Why are so many people going for botanical wallpaper or even wallpaper at all?

The New World of Interior Intelligence

How we can use our microenvironment as a stage to tell the story of our lives.

Simple Decor Ideas for a Zen Room

Given how difficult it is to find peace and relaxation in our lives in these chaotic and stressful times, one of the few alternatives left is establishing a peaceful haven in the comfort of our own homes.

All you need to know about Modern Furniture Designs

We take a look at what it’s all about and why you might want to furnish your home with modern furniture designs.


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Affordable Touches that can Transform your Home

The first step towards having a beautiful home is getting rid of all unnecessary things that clutter your life and your home.

Interior Design Apps to Have on Your HUAWEI p40 lite Phone

The Huawei p40 lite smartphone gives you the freedom to download applications that assist you in refurbishing your home.

Top Scandinavian interior design hdb ideas for your house

Learn how to incorporate all of the top traditional features of Scandinavian style to your new HDB or condominium house

Your Guide to Home Interior DIY Inspiration

Read on for some of the best places to find ideas for your next DIY home interior project!

Health Benefits of Silk as a Luxurious Interior Design Element

Let's explore the potential health benefits of using silk in interior design

The Art of Photorealistic Interior Rendering

By exploring multiple settings for a single project, the selection of the perfect photorealistic interior render becomes more straightforward, showcasing the potency and adaptability of photorealistic 3D rendering in driving sales.

The Growing Trend of DIY Home Decor

Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or just looking for some inspiration, get ready to embark on an exciting journey that will transform your house into a stunning sanctuary.

Merging Aesthetics With Practicality

The benefits and significance of integrated furniture, highlighting its ability to seamlessly blend aesthetics with multifunctional practicality for modern living spaces.

Enhancing Sound Quality with Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels are becoming indispensable in various settings, from homes to professional studios, and even office spaces..

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