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Pod-idladla is a sustainable, locally designed nano-home

Designed and manufactured in South Africa, pod-idladla is a prefabricated nano-home design that allows you to order a bare minimum shell or go for a fully kitted deluxe interior.

Each individual pod offers 17 square metres of space designed for dual use. Spaces are not your conventional living areas, but are designed to be multi-purpose and allow you to change the use to suit individual needs and requirements.

All pod-idladla modules are fitted with energy saving devices and advice is given on setting down the pod to maximise solar gain. Additionally, you can add more pods in various configurations to form larger, multi-use, areas.

This is the ideal starter-home, or can be the perfect holiday getaway, and since everything is already constructed and ready to go, all you need is a a plot or stand to set up home. Each pod sleeps two, while the downstairs task room can accommodate a guest and also doubles as an office or laundry.

A corridor situated between the front and back spaces houses a shower area and the outdoor deck encourages indoor-outdoor living.





The pre-fabricated design not only lowers labour costs, it also reduces material waste to 2% and provides quality-consistent construction. The pod-idladla is the ultimate sustainable, modular, prefabricated nano-home designed right here in South Africa. The design has already been awarded the Gauteng Institute for Architecture Award in 2015, and is currently nominated for the SA Institute of Architecture Awards of Merit, and the Afrisam Award for Sustainable Architecture. 

Available as an unfurnished shell or luxury dwelling, costs will vary according to customisation and site location. At the current time, a single shell pod-idladla costs in the region of R270 000.

Every pod is prefabricated off-site, to specific client specification, allowing one to start simply with a shell or to go for a full-on kitted out interior.