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5 Ways to Make Your House Look Luxurious

We have a few tips and tricks so you can make your home appear showroom ready - cheaply and simply with a little cash and some elbow grease to get the desired results.



Everyone wants to have a home that would look great in a magazine photoshoot, but time or money is often a factor that restricts those ambitions. We have written up a few tips and tricks so you can make your home appear showroom ready. Some of our suggestions can be made cheaply and simply while some will need a little money and some elbow grease to get the desired results.

Remodel Your Home

Many older homes have small rooms as this is how they kept the cost of heating and cooling down. Modern homes are more open plan, which gives it a more luxurious feeling when you enter. If you have an older home, look at areas you can remodel by removing a wall (or two) to open the space up. Having an open plan kitchen and dining room will make your home feel modern, inviting and make it easier when having parties or family gatherings to keep everyone in the same space without needing to feel cramped or claustrophobic.

Add an Extension

If your budget allows for it, you can create extra space by adding an extension or conservatory to the back. Creating additional rooms in the home will give it a feel of openness and luxury. Building work can be expensive, so you may want to look at refinancing options available to provide you with an adequate budget. Don’t forget, by adding an extension you will also be adding value to your home should you decide to sell it later on. By having a conservatory attached to your home it will give you and your family space to relax outside, even when the weather is terrible.

Kitchen Updates

A less costly way to give your home a more luxurious feel is to update your kitchen space. Kitchens are the most used and frequented rooms in a home, and by adding or changing a few elements, you will make a huge difference. Get new doors for the cupboards and drawers, update the tired old stuff with new items such as the sink and backsplashes. Create a new lighting design using downlights over the worktops, creating a cosy and bright atmosphere in which you can enjoy all the joys of cooking. Another area where you can make a significant impact involves updating your flooring; go for wooden floors or large tiles to really give the room a noticeable wow factor.

Accessorize Space

Updating your home does not need to cost the earth, look to add glamorous touches with minimal cost. Throw covers on a tired-looking sofa, new pillows or cushions and appropriate lighting to brighten up any dark corners of your home are relatively inexpensive details to look out for that will change the room's appearance instantly. Declutter areas that look a little outdated and add furniture that is unique and adds a touch of whimsy to your overall design. Add details to window areas like new curtains or art pieces on windowsills as these are areas that make a big difference for very little outlay. Freshen up the doors with a coat of paint or by adding new door handles throughout the home.

Add Glamour to Walls and Ceilings

Give your interior walls and ceiling a coat of paint with colours that look will add a sense of elegance to your home. If you’re unsure as to which colour to choose, you can seek inspiration from either offline or online sources. After painting the inside, you can add crown mouldings to give the rooms a touch of class. Add crown moulding around the edges where the walls meet the ceiling, and you can also add ceiling medallions around lights to give it that extra touch of vintage glamour. Crown mouldings are cheap to buy and can be done as a DIY project; all you need is a good mitre saw to cut the angles at the corners. You can also purchase mouldings with led lights recessed inside to help brighten a dark hallway or add pizazz to your kitchen or living space.

The advice above is just a snapshot of the possibilities open to you if you are looking to update your home's interior. Remember that clean and tidy is the first step to having a great-looking home, and you can add additional touches when you want to keep the improvement process on track. Check out the other stories on this website to get loads of great ideas and inspiration for your next home renovation project.



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