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Decorate Your Home with Boho Colours, Patterns and Textures

If you love a riot of patterns, earthy textures and bold, bright colours, surround yourself with retro vibes in the Boho style.



In my younger years, I considered myself a bit of a hippie. Decorating my home was a mish-mash of everything bright and bold and the more pattern the better. I was under the impression that my own personal style was eclectic but I have come to realise that it's more of a Boho style. Boho - or Bohemian - style is all about intricate patterns, organic textures and bright colours. It's not formal and most definitely not traditional, but it is surrounding yourself with everything you love.



When decorating your home, you want to be able to bring character to every room - to express your individuality to create a place you call home. If this is your style then take a closer look at Boho!





Boho style is great for those that rent their home. It gives you the freedom to leave walls blank and fill the space with layer upon layer of colourful bright fabrics and patterned textiles.



Nothing says 'Boho' more than eye-catching fabrics and textiles. When decorating a home with Boho style, you can leave walls in a neutral colour as a backdrop to vivid patterns and intricate designs and bold colours for all your accessories. Shop for cushions in detailed designs and colours or pop into your local fabric store to shop for African prints. There is nothing quite so bold and detailed as some of the African prints that you can buy to make soft furnishings and accessories.








What I love most about Boho style is the ability to browse secondhand stores, boot sales and online auctions for retro items that cost very little. What other people consider as junk could become the next feature piece in your home. Secondhand stores are a great place to pick up items that others consider old fashioned, and to grab bargains at 'end of range' sales. You might not be able to buy a complete set, but Boho is all about mixing and matching what you have - nothing needs to be perfect!



If you are wanting to decorate your home with Boho style, shop for fabrics with bold patterns in colours that clash with each other. Mix purple with lime green or rich reds with violet. This decorating style lets you be free to go with what you love.




There are some gorgeous rattan headboards out there, some as close as your nearest Mr Price Home store, others that are imported and waaaay more expensive. Rattan, wicker and cane all provide a 70s retro feel that goes hand-in-hand with Boho decorating, especially when combined with vivid patterns and bold colours.








If you are just starting out on your own, Boho style lets you shop around for bargains that you can throw together to give your new place a look and feel that is relaxed and feels like home.

image credits: spotlight australia




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