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Are you timeless or trendy

Timeless design, not keeping up with the latest trends, makes for sustainable design that need not change from year to year. But does timeless mean tradition? Can you be timeless but cool and funky at the same time? And what is timeless, anyway?


To my mind, timeless is design that allows the decorator’s personality to shine through, unobscured by momentary trends. It does not mean that a home must be filled with antiques. It also does not mean that a home must be safely conventional. So here are a few thoughts on making your home timeless but not boring:

Be influenced
You live in the real world. That means you will be influenced by the trends, colours, and design ideas that you see around you, and that’s okay. After all, timeless is a moving variable. What is considered timeless today might not in 10, 15 or 20 years time. So if you come upon a trend that you really like, embrace it! That’s part of the fun.

Be original
You can be timeless and trendy at the same time. A modern slip-covered sofa and designer ottomans are of the moment, but the barrel side tables, lamps and accessories help give this interior a timeless appeal.

Be inspired
The reason that some decorated rooms look out of place is because they are totally wrong for the setting. For example, if you live in a 50′s style home in the suburbs, decorating your space as if it were a 17th century French chateau is just not going to work. Instead pick up cues from the house, the garden and the surroundings themselves. Don’t deny - be inspired!





Incorporate a few elements reminiscent of the French chateau, but do it in such a way that they mix with what is already in the room. Would the daring dark walls in the interior work as well in an interior without the high ceilings and architectural details? Probably not.

Be constrained
Not having enough money or space isn’t a bad thing. It’s an opportunity! Constraints help us to think outside the box, so instead of buying everything at once - in the same style - we have the opportunity to live with things and collect slowly over time, which is good. Over time, our tastes will change and styles will change. Our interiors will develop that layered look that makes them more interesting and… well, timeless. We also get a better handle on what we actually need and what we can live without.

Be timeless and trendy
The bones of any room should contain pieces that will age beautifully and still look good 20 years down the line. Think simplicity in line and concept and you can’t go wrong. But add pieces along the way that allow a room setting to be updated and trendy and that can be replaced as and when you mood dictates, or when trends change - as they always do!

Be you
One reason rooms feel trendy is because there’s no sign of individual personality. So individualise your home by choosing furniture and accessories chiefly by what you like and not “what goes together.”  Trust that you can find a way to integrate what you like into a cohesive design.

images jim howard