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Is It A Good Idea To Follow Trends?

I often receive enquiries about what's trendy for bathrooms, kitchens or living spaces but is following current trends a good idea?



We all know that trends come and go - what is popular this year might be considered  dated the next. I have seen some amazing trends over the last 10 years and more than a few trend revivals from the past. But is it a good idea to follow trends and implement these into your own home?









Laminate flooring was considered a trend but has become a lifestyle choice for many homeowners.


Here Today - Gone Tomorrow!

Fads, trends or call it what you will, every year something new pops up and then all of a sudden it's something that everyone wants. In the past, trends weren't so quick to appear and disappear, probably due to the absence of the Internet, but today social media spreads the word quickly and trends come and go very fast. What might be considered trendy in 2020 is out for 2021, so be careful when decorating a home with current trends or you might end up having to regularly pay out money to keep your home updated.







Painted kitchens have gone from being a trend to a practical way to modernise or update a kitchen on a budget.



Trends are Great for Inspiration

There is nothing wrong with keeping an eye out for what's trendy at a particular time, and you can even find some trends that are timeless and more than just a one-year occurrence. Take laminate flooring, for example, this is one trend that has outlived many others and is still considered a popular choice for homes around the globe. There are just some trends that are practical and make sense more than others.


Blush pink might not be a current trend but there's no denying that it adds femininity and warmth to a bedroom or bathroom.


There is another recent trend that endures despite no longer being popular and it's using colour in the home. Think a dash of blush pink in the bedroom or bathroom, warm or cool neutral hues on walls in living spaces, splashes of colour in a kitchen and so on. The use of colour has become a norm when decorating a home as compared to beige, beige and more beige in years gone past. Some trends are for the better and it's these trends that will become timeless.


Using trends for inspiration is the best way to keep your finger on the pulse of what is happening in the design world but there are not always 100% correct or followed. Accent walls have been popular for a while and I don't think that this should be considered a passing trend even though it is no longer considered trendy in 2021. Interior designers always decorate rooms with an accent or feature wall, since this becomes a focal point in any room. Without a feature or focal point, a room is considered lacking and this shouldn't be considered a trend but rather a rule of decorating.







A feature wall is not just a trend but rather an element of interior design.


Trends are Important

Trends are a great way for keeping this fresh and vibrant, a way of swapping out the old for something new, and it also inspires you to be more creative in your own home. But keep in mind that decorating any home is a personal choice and your personality be prominent in how you decorate. So, while blush pink is no longer trendy, if you love the colour and want a feminine bathroom or bedroom there's no reason why you can't use this colour for yourself.

When you are looking for ideas to update or modernise a home, trends can be a good source of ideas and inspiration but should be implemented with caution. It is better to look at a trend and then stand back and consider the alternatives. Also, keep in mind that most trends are a quick fix to boredom and a way to inject life into a home. The same can be said of being creative, shopping around or going with your instincts.


Be wary of trends that offer a quick fix that is hard to remove once you get tired of the look.


When is Implementing Trends a Bad Idea?

Some trends are meant to come and go every year and it's usually those that are inexpensive or a quick-fix decorating solution. A good example of this is putting reclaimed wood on the walls. Think about it... Finding old wood and installing this as a permanent feature in a home. A year or so down the line you will be tired of this and will then have to rip everything out and make good again. Think about trends you like and how timeless they can be; are they a trend that will last past a couple of years?


Colour trends come and go but provide great inspiration when decorating the home.



Think sensibly... do you really want to cover a wall with wallpaper or would it be far better to apply a paint technique. Wallpaper is one of those trends that was popular for many years in the past but died out and has now been revived. The main reason it died down in the first place is that it's not a good idea. Installing wallpaper might be great for a year or two or until you get tired of looking at the same pattern over and over again, but removing wallpaper is a mission of its own.


The savvy decorator will use trends for inspiration but decorate with personality.


The Bottom Line

Yes, keep up with trends if you want to be kept informed of new innovations, exciting product releases or new technology. These trends aren't something that is going to disappear overnight. It is so easy to be driven by trends and spend most of your spare time trying to keep up with them. Don't. Keep your identity and stop following the herd but rather follow your head. Who knows, you may even create your own unique trend simply by being you.




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