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Unique furniture design by Kaspar Hamacher

Belgian designer, Kaspar Hamacher, loves his axe, chainsaw and working with wood, and using these tools and materials he has designed handcrafted furniture that is anything but ordinary and takes inspiration from nature.


Ausgebrannt is a collection of log stools created by cutting cross-shaped notches into tree stumps and large logs using a chainsaw, and setting a carefully controlled fire. The technique used for burning the logs creates tapered legs that gives each stool its uniqueness - each and every stool is one of a kind.





Kaspar loves to be in the forest and work with wood and bases all his project on three principles: simplicity, balance and fragility. Ausgebrannt translates into burnt out and this series of furniture signifies the loss of balance between humans and nature. Living in the countrywide allows Kaspar to re-connect with the environment and use traditional tools and skills to create functional objects with balanced shapes.

Kaspar's ultimate goal is to make furniture that is more than just an object, but rather a piece that has a soul and is created by hand, using the elements earth, air, fire an water to shape the final creation.