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Gold Touches for Festival Of Lights

Jewel tones and gold touches to celebrate the Festival Of Lights to celebrate a modern Hanukkah


Photography: Donna Griffith | Design: Jessica Waks

This homeowner brought in a long-time friend and designer to decorate her home for the Festival Of Lights. With plenty of entertaining on the cards, having a beautifully decorated home was important and the designer's job was to add colour and decoration to complement both the personality of the homeowners and their children.

The house itself has beautiful finishes but the decor was very neutral. To overcome this the designer introduced a striking colour palette of jewel tones with a touch of gold.

The designer took her Inspiration for the colour palette that decorates the space from the fact that her friend loves to wear jewel tones, especially deep blues and green. The rich, vibrant hues of emerald green and sapphire blue instantly became the focus for the rooms, with the warm gold of the coffee table and decor accessories bringing in a touch of glamour to the spaces.





With a few dinner parties on the agenda for the upcoming Hanukkah celebrations, the designer wanted to incorporate a few details that would add to the celebrations. Since this holiday palette usually consists of blues and metallics, it was easy to introduce additional elements to imbue a holiday atmosphere.

Layered gold and navy china, crystal stemware and simple white floral arrangements make for an elegant tablescape. Placed casually on each salad plate, cloisonné dreidel ornaments are special touches befitting the old-world aesthetic.



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