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Iconic 'Munroe' chair

Furniture Designer, Alexander White, is a designer to watch out for. His iconic 'Munroe' chair is just one of his many designs that are pushing the boundaries.


An exploration of form and function through repetition, a quick glance and you can see how the design of the Monroe chair mimics the movement of the actress' dress when she stepped onto the subway grate.

The challenge was to create a single flat shape containing the four main elements of an armchair. The back leg gradually morphs into the backrest into the armrest and then into the front leg. The final design incorporates 83 matching components that swivel around a central axis. The result is a complexly curved and comfortable armchair. 






Alexander White spent a number of years working with renowned artists and designers before setting up his own business.

He started off with designing bespoke furniture for private clients and has worked on projects spanning various disciplines, from architecture and staircases to sculptures and furniture. Alex' design firm now also designs works for retail, as well as collaborates with design companies to produce new and semi-exclusive pieces - pushing his own and their capabilities.

Using modern technologies with CNC machinery, Alexander was able to replicate endless identical items, which is impossible by hand. The prototype for the Monroe chair was made using 19mm SupaWood with a primer and lacquer finish. Later designs feature plywood finished with a wenge face on one side and maple on the other.

Alex values traditional methods of furniture manufacture and understands the importance of these as underpinning the way in which many furniture designers work today, but he believes that modern design has its benefits. "Limit yourself to certain processes and you are limiting yourself to certain types of outcomes" says Alex.

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