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Decorate with pink and blue

If you are looking for a way to add a touch of soft summer colour to your home, think about combining pink and blue. While there was a time when pink was for little girls and blue for little boys, pink and blue has grown up and is now considered a sophisticated colour palette for any home.


As trends come and go, what was previously considered unacceptable becomes the norm. Pairing red and green, yellow and purple and combining checks and patterns would, at one time, have been in bad taste. Today, these combinations are considered tasteful when used as part of interior design. The same can be said of pink and blue. No longer consigned to a nursery, pinks and blues can be used to create a relaxing environment in any room in a home.

Whether you prefer a bold fuschia pink and sea blue, or pale pink with a soft robin's egg blue, these two colours have a calming effect, yet fresh and exciting at the same time. Think colour psychology and apply this to pink as a shade of red and you have passion, while blue even in its lightest tint is soothing and peaceful.


CONTINUES BELOW photos by virginia macdonald