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Metallic Copper Elements for a Modern Home

Timeless and classic, we offer a few ideas on how to bring metallic shimmer to your home with copper accents and accessories.



With the recent trend for bringing metallic elements into a home, we have seen articles that show how you can bring gold and silver accents into the home, and in this article, we look at bringing metallic copper accents and accessories into a home to introduce colour and texture, whether your home is a rustic retreat or a modern masterpiece.

Copper has been a material of choice in the home for 60 centuries, from the Stone Age through to the 21st century. The original plumbing for homes was either lead or copper piping that supplied water throughout the house. Copper has also been a popular choice for kitchen utensils such as pots and pans, and the resultant alloy of brass has also been used for centuries for home decoration.









The use of copper in interior design is due to its affordability and workability. Copper is a reasonably soft material that can be sourced in sheets, manufactured items, gilding leaf and spray paint. Copper has a warm shimmery colour that provides an appealing metallic finish on a wide range of surfaces. Take a look at some of the copper elements you might want to incorporate into your home decor.



Copper in Interior Design

There are 7 essential elements in interior design, these are colour, texture, pattern, form, light, space and line. All these elements need to be balanced to achieve a perfect design. Interior designers love metallic elements because they not only add dimension to a setting but also texture. The unique colour of copper fits perfectly into all types of interior design whether an ultra-modern home or industrial loft.



Until a few years ago, copper could only be found in residential homes in the form of copper wiring, copper pots and pans and a selection of home accessories for decorative purposes. Since then, and with the popularity of introducing metallic elements into a home, copper has become a global trend for home fittings and accessories due to its overall affordability. Let's look at some copper items you might consider adding to a room or your home to add texture and dimension.







Copper Kitchen Accents

It is no surprise to find copper in a kitchen, especially since copper pots and pans have been in use for centuries. If you love to binge-watch on Netflix, you have probably seen more than a few period drama series where copper accessories and fittings are considered the norm for kitchens at that time.



Due to its enduring appeal, copper pots and pans can still be purchased for use in a kitchen, as can a variety of other copper elements, some more unexpected than others.



You can't design a true farmhouse kitchen without the requisite copper pots and pans and copper accessories.



Copper pots and pans add vintage appeal to a kitchen, and even a contemporary kitchen will elegantly contrast with traditional wood or painted cabinets and distressed finishes. In modern or contemporary kitchens there are now plenty of ways to introduce copper elements and accessories.



What about using copper for a backsplash behind a stove or sink area? Copper has antimicrobial properties that prevent the growth of mould and mildew, and the only downside of installing a copper backsplash is that it does take on a greenish patina with age. Having said that, there's nothing wrong with this and many designers would consider this advantageous depending on the style of the kitchen.



A copper sheet metal backsplash brightens up this eclectic kitchen design. Copper sheet metal is reasonably priced at local suppliers when compared to other sheet metals and is relatively easy to work with. Shop around metal supplies for the best quality and price.



Copper taps are a staple in vintage or older homes when these taps - or brass taps - were fitted as standard. Being a malleable material that is easy to work with makes it ideal for sinks, fume hoods, pots and pans and other cookware. Copper offers endless possibilities for use in and around the home, and the beauty of copper is in the appealing finish and colour palette that ranges from a pinkish to a more gold colour.



There is a lot of buzz about using natural or green materials for kitchen countertops, and copper is just as effective as other sheet metal products and can be used for kitchen design components.


Copper is an eco-friendly material that is affordable and can be laminated onto an existing countertop to provide a sustainable countertop alternative. When you consider that copper sheet is 100% recyclable, nothing goes to waste. Did you know that certain type of copper has antimicrobial properties, so using copper for countertops is an excellent idea for where food preparation is done? Add to that the fact that copper is non-porous and prevent moulds or bacterial growth and you have the perfect countertop alternative.



Copper countertops are quickly becoming a popular option for sustainably designed kitchens and bring a unique quality and warm hue to any kitchen. If you fancy the idea of cladding an existing countertop with copper sheet metal, pop onto YouTube or Pinterest for ideas or instructions on the best methods.



Did you know that research has revealed that MRSA - methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus is unable to survive on pure copper surfaces? This infectious bacterium can survive on stainless steel but cannot on copper. Yet another reason why copper is becoming a countertop material. **



Pots and pans, serving dishes, cutlery and tableware - you can now decorate your home with a variety of copper accessories, all of which will bring warmth to the setting.



With the increasing trend for metallic accents, many popular brands are now offering copper finishing for their range of household appliances. Enter 'copper appliances' in your search bar to find local suppliers and appliances for the home.









Copper Bathroom Accents

Just as in any other room in a home, copper provides a beautiful accent in a bathroom, no matter if it is a traditional bathroom design or a more contemporary setting.



Copper bathtubs, taps and fittings have been fitted in our homes for centuries and have proven themselves more than efficient. With its high thermal resistance, copper is the perfect material for bathtubs, basins and taps.



Copper Accents for Living Spaces

Incorporating copper accents and accessories into a home is a no-brainer. With the popularity of metallic accents, you will find more than a few home decor accessories manufactured in copper, whether it is for a dining room or living room. Think copper pendant lights and floor lamps, copper candle and votive holders. Even copper accents for wall decor. There are plenty of ways to bring the warmth of copper into a home.



Thanks to spray paints such as Rust-Oleum, it is easy to bring the shimmer and shine of copper into your home in a lasting way. Rust-Oleum offers a primer and paint solution in a can that provides a durable finish on almost any material.






Because of copper's timeless beauty and practicality, it is making a statement in many of today's homes. While gold costs the earth and silver or pewter is only slightly cheaper, copper and brass are a way to integrate the shimmer and warm glow into your living spaces.










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