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Decorating a small home

When it comes to small spaces, smart storage is key. An uncluttered home is a spacious home and you will be amazed at some of the storage ideas we show below.


Clever Storage
Now here's a unique way to have space and art! The apartment shown above has extra seating hanging on the wall in the hallway. Whether it's doing something similar or installing cubbies beneath the bed, make sure you're being creative with storage space.

Play with shapes
It would be great if we could all fit a ten-seater dining table into our homes, but that not a reality for most of us. The home above didn't have a large space for a rectangular table, so the homeowners opted for a circular table instead. The shape fits perfectly in the space and can still seat up to six guests.

Let the eye travel
Glass, acrylic and lucite should all become your best friends when decorating for a small space. Not only do they fit with a variety of styles, but they let the eye travel through their clear and reflective surfaces.

Create multi-functional spaces
When space is tight, it's important to create areas that are multifunctional. The den above has a couch that can be used to watch TV, or to house guests, thanks to the pull-out bed inside.





Play with reflections
A mirrored wall (like the one in the bachelorette pad above) is a great way to open up a small space. The reflective surface creates an optical illusion of having double the space than is actually there.

Use every nook
A small home allows for no wasted space, so be sure to make good use of every corner. The apartment above had an oddly-shaped nook in its layout, but the homeowners found it to be a good spot for a round dining table, two chairs and a mini banquette.

Go large in small doses
There's this strange myth out there that if you use large furniture in a small space, it will eat up the room. This can be true if you try to stuff a large bedroom set in a 4m x 4m room, but you can still introduce large pieces in small quantities. Don't want to give up your queen-sized bed? Instead, cut back on other pieces like large armoires and bulky side tables. Your big bed will become a beautiful focal point in the room.

Experiment with colour
Sure, white walls can make a small room look airy, but don't limit yourself to just neutrals. The bedroom above has sandy walls, but also includes an artistic chalkboard wall - don't you just love it!. Pops of colour in the cushions bring life to the space and do anything but make it feel smaller.

Sort out your stuff
There's no need to get rid of all your 'stuff' just because you live in a small space -- just make sure you have savvy storage spaces. The teeny bathroom above has full cabinetry underneath the sink, but features sliding doors to keep things looking sleek. Thin glass shelves above the toilet neatly hold items that are frequently used so they're always at the ready.

Careful coordination
Much like the myth of sticking to one focal point, many of us are scared to use pattern in a room in fear that it will look too busy. The living space above uses seven different patterns and they all blend together to create a cohesive space. The key is to use a similar colourway -- each of the patterns either use a neutral or the coral colour used on the walls.

Now forget everything you've previously been told and decorate your small home in the style you love!

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