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Embracing a More Natural Lifestyle

As we head towards a new year, there is one resolution that we can all think seriously about and that is to embrace a more natural lifestyle.





As we near the end of 2021 and the disastrous couple of years we have had, the new year is the perfect time to make resolutions and one that I think we should all make is to embrace a more natural lifestyle. It's not just about adopting an eco-friendlier approach to our daily living, be it the groceries and household items we purchase, or the furniture and accessories we used to decorate our homes, it is about a lifestyle change that honours organic and natural materials, being more aware of mindfulness, considering how we interact with other people, and also about being more relaxed daily.





If I had to choose a set of images to visually explain how to embrace a more natural lifestyle, it could not be better done than the home interior crafted by Motkovo ( Her sense of interior design revolves around the use of natural and organic materials to decorate her home and also her range of decor accessories. Browse the following images as we discuss how you can adopt a natural lifestyle at home and in your environment.











Rise up and wise up to the challenge

Perhaps everyone should make this the year to make the biggest new year's resolution of all. Wishing and hoping is not going to change the challenges that we have to look at facing in the future, but we can at least make changes to our own lifestyles, whether it is our lifestyle or adapting our homes to make the difference.



Embracing a natural lifestyle means living in harmony with natural and organic rather than manufactured and synthetic.





They say that change is necessary and many of us have fallen into the trap of technology and its effect on our everyday lives. Living has become a frantic race against time and sooner or later something has to give. In order to effect change, we need to change the way that we think and live.







Choosing organic materials for your home lets you breathe fresh air as opposed to volatile organic compounds (VOCs).




How to embrace change

When most people think of natural living or a natural lifestyle there can be a lot of confusion. In this article, we focus on living a more natural life by stripping away things you don't need and settling for a natural or organic rather than manufactured and synthetic. It is also about how you spend your free time and recover from the rat race.



With technology comes a dependence on everything electronic. It rules our private and business environments, powers our homes and cars and even affects the way we live our life continuously tethered to electronic devices.





Looking at the festive season from a natural point of view, it is easy to bring in natural and organic materials to celebrate the season.





Organically orientated

When you mention organic, the first thing that pops into mind is growing vegetables. But the meaning of organic is anything produced without the use of chemicals, pesticides or other substances that includes chemicals. Organic covers everything from plants and animals. When we talk about an organic lifestyle the intention is to promote the use of organic materials for use in how we furnish and decorate our homes - both indoors and outdoors.





Being organically orientated doesn't mean that you must get rid of everything you own and start new, but rather give thought to items that need to be replaced, purchased, or improved upon. This is when you can make a difference by choosing organic and natural materials.





So why am I showing you these images? As an example of how easy it is to incorporate more natural and organic materials into your house and still have a beautiful home. Almost all the home accessories shown in these images are part of the Motkovo collection that is handmade using natural and organic materials.





Going organic in the kitchen can also be about the foods you buy and consume. Be aware of packaging and shop for brands that are taking steps towards being more eco-friendly.





Being eco-friendly and embracing natural and organic is not just for inside the home, but outdoor too. Natural materials look and feel better than their synthetic counterparts and probably last just as long. I have seen more than a few synthetic resin wicker and cane substitute furniture that has seen better days and natural cane and wicker furniture that is over 40 years old and still in good condition. That will give you something to think about when decorating an outdoor area.











Natural and organic elements only enhance an outdoor living area and help to merge indoor and outdoor living spaces.







Imagine being able to handcraft all your own decor accessories. This is the ultimate craft or hobby that not only pulls you away from technology but also relaxes your mind and body. Not to forget that crafting your own home accessories is not only self-satisfying but will also reduce your spending. Anyone wanting to start a new craft such as knitting, crochet and even basket weaving, will find plenty of resources on the web, including step-by-step videos on YouTube. So do yourself and your home a favour and embrace a natural lifestyle.









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